Apple Campus 2

It was in April 2006 that Steve Jobs announced to the Cupertino City Council that Apple had acquired land to build Apple Campus 2. Flash forward six years later to Oct 15th 2013 and the unanimous decision made by the council to allow its construction.

A hub for all things Apple, the staggering curved building is truly something to behold – even in scale model form. The Apple Ring, or Spaceship, depending on your tastes, is a four story circular building a mile in circumference that envelopes a wide green campus. The concept behind the model was one of collaboration and fluidity; squares or long buildings not being conducive to inspiration or high worker morale.

Other features include solar-paneled roofs, a plethora of greenery, and a dining area so tall they’ve planted trees in it. Construction is expected to be completed by 2016.

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