Airless Paint Sprayers: Choose the One You Need

It’s good to choose airless paint sprayers when you need to cover lots of ground. They’re perfect when it comes to ceilings and walls – on the inside and on the outside of the house. Also, you can add on that list decks and feces. 

There are many options on the market and you’ll surely find something good for you. However, because there are so many models out there, you might find it hard to choose one – especially since you don’t really know the differences. It can be very overwhelming, so we recommend you enter It will give you a new perspective on the best airless systems. 

Here are our best two choices when it comes the best airless systems

Graco Magnum X5

This one has adjustable pressure – and it’s actually quite good, since without one, you’re getting problems after problems. It’s really easy to control due to the perfect adjustment knob.

It comes with a full stainless steel piston pump, so it’s perfect for untinned paint. There are many devices that encounter problems when it comes to spraying it. With this one, you can spray directly from the bucket. You know, like the pros. 

It’s the best one for DIYers. You can get one for under $500. However, it may not be a good one if you’re planning on just painting one room – the price is not worth it. 

Graco Magnum X7

This one also has adjustable pressure, a stainless steel piston pump and they come together with a flexible suction tube (so you can work by the bucket), flush it with a garden hose and 125 gallon-per-year rating. 

This one sprays faster than the X5 and the motor is much larger. It will handle .017 tips. The very cool thing is that it can support the 100 feet of hose. 

We recommend to use this one for the outdoor work, and the money is really worth if you have a larger house where you need to move furniture or do any other redecorating. You are able to hang the bucket right on the cart, so the whole setup is actually very easy to move around. 

This one is best for those people who want to paint the whole house without getting someone else to help. It’s true that you may not need it, but if you’re planning on doing an entire house or a new project, it’s the best on the market. And if we are to compare it to the X5, you’ll see that it’s better if you want to work outside – simply because it has a cart. Having the cart is the fun part of the process. 

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