Air Conditioning Systems for Mining

Have you ever thought that air conditioning systems were meant for homes and offices alone?… Yes! Mines also, make use of specialized mining air-conditioning systems.

Air conditioning systems for mining helps to reduce the dangers and adverse effects of heat stress for humans as well as prevent damage to mining equipment. Its function is to cool down the mine by removing heat from it and then transfer it to an outside space. This cool air is then circulated throughout the mine through ventilation.  – Ways to prevent heat stress at work.

In any mining site – either open surface (pit) or underground mines, issues of hot temperature and toxic air are hazards that are inevitable due to the nature of work that goes down in a mine. The good news is – over time technology has found a solution to curb this hazard to ensure safety and productivity, which is through cooling systems.

The safety and welfare of all miners come first. For that reason, one of the priorities in a mine site before any work commences is to contract a company that designs and builds mining air-conditioning systems. 

General Reasons for Installing Mining Air-Conditioners

  • To provide oxygen for miners.
  • Eliminate exhaustion, injuries, or death caused by excessive heat.
  • To Protect engines of mining equipment from damage.

If you work in a mine, remember to employ these safe mining practices in your mining facility.

Best Air-Conditioning systems in Australia

The best air conditioner for mining isn’t necessarily the most expensive, latest design, highest speed, or those with the most – Extra! Extra! rather, it’s a deal that meets all the requirements you need in your mining facility – one that fits the miners’ needs.

Features and Benefits of a Mining Air-conditioner

The basic features your air con should have:

  1. Good energy efficient compressor unit
  2. Wide temperature control scale
  3. supplies cooling, heating, and dehumidification
  4. Filters air
  5. Provides safety against accidental site damage

Factors to Consider when Choosing from the Best Air-Conditioning company

The best aircon/cooling system will depend on the following factors;


Your air-cons should be reliable – the safe working temperature in mines is below 30 degrees and your air conditioning system should be reliable enough to provide this all day, all week, and every other day.

Maintenance and repair

A good aircon company should be able to provide maintenance and repairs for their products – this should be completed quickly to prevent downtime.

Quick customer response

Quick response is one important factor you shouldn’t overlook. A good air conditioning company should know the role their air-con serves in the mining industry and should be able to guarantee a two hours service response time to miners.

When sourcing for your best air con – lookout for those with cooling capacities ranging from 5 KW to 200 KW. These air cons maintain a safe temperature in a wide range of different settings. In addition to cooling, your air-cons should eliminate moisture – this makes underground mining safer for miners.

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