Add Elegance to the Outside of Your Home: A How-to Guide

Adding elegance to the outside of your home is a project that will take time and love, but it is a rewarding endeavour for a whole host of reasons. Having a pleasing home exterior will make you smile every time you return from work, will turn the heads of passersby who are jealous and could increase the value of your home.

However, for those without much experience in home improvements, knowing where to start can be difficult. That is where this how-to guide comes in handy.

Assess and clean up what you already have

The first move to make when starting home improvements is to assess what you already have and have an extremely thorough clean. Once the exteriors of your home and garden are spotless, you can better gauge exactly what it is you need or want to improve, and it is easier to see where you should begin.

For instance, you might have previously believed that you needed to repaint your garage door, but once you wiped it down with a cleaning solution, you may see it has come up sparkling.

Bring exteriors up to date 

Modernising the appearance and materials of your home should be the next step. Where you have wooden frames, replace them with uPVC windows for a more energy-efficient, lower maintenance and better-looking update. Whether the style to suit your home is Georgian, flush casement or tilt and turn, having sparkling new windows adds a contemporary grace to the outside of your home.


A more time-consuming transformation for the outside of your home would be to landscape the garden. In order to landscape from scratch, a lot of planning, preparation, cleaning and levelling is necessary before you can start painting on your new blank canvas with lawns, flowerbeds and rose gardens. 

Landscaping enables you to add elegance to your home’s exterior by complementing your house’s structure with flora and foliage. You can frame your house with trees, draw the eye to its front door with pathways and topiary or underline new windows with colourful window boxes. 

Store tools and toys away

If you have been landscaping, or even just doing a spot of pruning, a simple yet effective way to keep the outside of your house looking elegant is to clear those gardening tools away once you’re done. The same goes for any mechanical tools if you have been tinkering with your car or motorbike, or cleaning equipment if you have been giving the patio a hose down. 

This keeps your exteriors looking tidy, finished and stylish. 

Continually reassess and evaluate

Throughout all the work you are doing on your home and garden, remember to take a step back every few days and look at the progress you have made. If you are spending all week focusing on arranging a flower display, it can be easy to get lost in the focus and creativity, forgetting to see how far you have come overall. 

Continually reassessing and evaluating how elegant your house is will give you a sensation of self-satisfaction and motivation to do more.

Lucy Johnson is a dedicated follower of both fashion and beauty trends, Lucy is a full time freelance health & beauty writer. With great attention to detail, she stays ahead of the latest trends to help her shares them with the world. 

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