A Quick Guide To AC Installation For A Minimalist Home

Keeping a minimalist home can be challenging when you’ve got too much stuff to keep. Aside from the things that clutter a house, another problem you may encounter is how to hide furniture and appliances that are essential and functional but causes an eyesore in your home. Thus, it can be frustrating how distracting an AC can be, mainly when it’s in an area that you want to keep plain and simple. 

Air conditioners have become an essential part of every home as they provide relief during extreme weather conditions. An AC can be your companion during summer to keep your space comfortable. But if you’re having a hard time thinking about how to install your AC while hiding eyesores in your home, here’s a quick guide to help you: 

  1. Install A Minimalist AC Unit 

If there’s an excellent way to keep your home minimalist, it’s no other than installing a minimalist AC unit. Most air conditioning systems like split system ACs are good at keeping your rooms cool. However, they can be inefficient, noisy, and costly as they use more electricity, and the installation can be pretty expensive. They can also look unsightly because they occupy more space inside your home than window-type or other air conditioning units. So, the solution to this problem is to opt for a minimalist AC system. 

Doing market research can help you find the best type and brand of minimalist AC. While ductless split air conditioners are becoming more in demand nowadays, a ducted AC can be better. These types of units have significantly improved over the years. They are now made smaller than before and are great at cooling your home while staying invisible. Brands like a Carrier air conditioner are among the best choices for ducted AC. They are usually easier to fix should there be any issues with your unit and are also cost-efficient. They consume minimal amounts of energy while keeping most areas in your home cool. 

  1. Make The AC Part Of Your Home’s Interior Design 

Another one of the creative ways to keep your home minimalist is making the AC a part of your interior décor. It can also be cost-efficient as you’ll only need a few things. But before decorating, you must plan where you’re going to mount or install your unit. Depending on the size and where it’ll be mounted, you can design the space around it to cover your AC and prevent it from being a distraction. 

A thoughtful way to cover up your AC is to make it a part of a bookcase. You can place it inside an open bookshelf to camouflage or make it part of the design. To maximize your creativity, you can also use a decorative wall panel. Just look for a panel that’ll match the colour of your wall paint so your interior will remain sleek while keeping your AC out of the way. 

You can also turn the space where your AC is into a functional space. Install storage units around or next to it to maximize the space and allow the unit to be part of the design. However, you need to be mindful of this hack and make sure that you can easily access the AC if it breaks down and has to be repaired. Remember that AC units can malfunction at any time. It’s best to plan and be strategic on where you’ll install it so AC repair professionals can fix it quickly.  

  1. Integrate The AC In Your Furniture 

On the other hand, if you’re planning to get a ductless split AC, you don’t have to worry about hiding it from the view inside your home. You can try incorporating it into your furniture. Integrating it with your home’s design and décor will prevent it from sticking out and being an eyesore. No matter the size of your AC, there are lots of innovative ways to make it invisible in your home. But to work on it effectively, it’s ideal for installing it in an unobstructed or high place in your space. 

You can place the AC above the window so it won’t be too visible. However, don’t forget always to keep your window closed to prevent energy loss and get the maximum performance of your AC. You can also install it above a doorway. This space, which is usually used as a provision for storage, can be an ideal location for your AC to allow more space in your wall for other decorations and furniture. If you’re installing the AC in your bedroom, it’s ideal for placing it over your bed if you want the air to blow over your body directly. 

You can even customize a cover to integrate your AC with your furniture. This is the best way to hide it from the view. Just ensure that it won’t prevent the cool air from coming out of your unit. Or better yet, move the cover aside when using the AC and just put it back up when you turn the unit off. 


Maintaining a minimalist home isn’t always easy, especially when you need to keep or incorporate items that can be distracting from your plain and simple interiors. Good thing there are ways to keep your furniture and appliances, such as your AC, out of sight so your home can stay minimalist and aesthetically pleasing. 

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