A Guide to finding a commercial roofing company in Dallas

You may be surprised to find there’s so much choice when you start looking for a commercial roofing company in Dallas. With hundreds of different options out there to choose between the task of finding the right company may seem a bit overwhelming, but there are ways to narrow the field and make your decision easier.  

This useful guide to finding a commercial roofing company should help you assess which company’s reputation, approach, standard of work and pricing structure you wish to hire.

Step 1 – Do plenty of research

It’s always tempting to rush into a decision, especially if the roof needs urgent attention. No Dallas based business can afford the risk of a dangerous roof or problems such as leaks and vermin invasion, but in the long term it’s a false economy to make do and mend with the first roofing company you contact.

The first stage of research involves creating a shortlist of roofing companies to contact. Start by asking around your network for personal recommendations, but also take a look at local trade review sites, and online sources such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau. Never rely on feedback from one source alone, always cross reference.

Step 2 – Educate yourself

You obviously can’t expect to be an expert in roofing, but it is important to learn about the basics such as suitable materials for your kind of roof.

Step 3 – Prepare questions for those who made the shortlist and are available

There are various questions you must ask about in that initial call you make to Dallas commercial roofing companies. These include:

  • Licences. Checking they are licensed to provide roofing services in Dallas.
  • Insurance policies. These should be comprehensive and wide-reaching enough to cover all possibilities while they are working on your commercial roof, from damage to your property, to harm caused to their employees or members of the public.
  • Experience and qualifications. You are paying for experts to fix your commercial roof, so you need to know they are both certified and have in-depth knowledge on repairing or replacing the particular type of roof you have.
  • Their pricing structures. The company should be very clear about what is included in the price quoted, and how any additional unexpected costs should be met.
  • Timings. Obviously, roofing work depends to some extent on the weather, but it’s important to know that the company plan to dedicate themselves to your job when humanly possible, rather, say than simply fitting it in between other work they have on.

Step 4- The final things to ask for

Once you have found a great industrial roofing company it’s time to ask for, and check out, references from previous customers. If possible try to arrange to see their finished work, and to talk to the client it was done for in person. This is the best way t get the final reassurance you need that your choice is a good one.

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