A Flooring Company’s Suggestions on Making the Most Out of Your New Home Floors

If you’ve ever lived in a suburb populated by on average over 9000 people, and anywhere near the Spartanburg County side, then you know which place we are talking about – Boiling Springs. According to many consensus and research websites, this is one of the topmost places to live in, in the South Carolina region., not just because it’s the suburbs and amongst greenery and outdoor natural parks, reserves, and fresh air but also because the majority of the residents that live here own their own homes.

What better situation to be in then all the above and then some? By this we mean the businesses surrounding the areas all cater to those new homeowners and the younger generations that are moving away from the cities into the suburbs to start their own families and live a more calm, relaxed lifestyle. With schools, restaurants, and recreational facilities walking distance away, who wouldn’t want to live here.

When looking out to buy a new build or build a home from the ground up in this area, there are a few things to look into, regarding the structural integrity, as well as the interiors and exteriors, look and feel, that would most likely need to stay similar to the neighboring houses around you.  However, this has never stopped anyone from being a bit more creative on the inside. 

The newer home designs are leaning towards the low maintenance, tailored finishes, and open floor living areas type of architecture. With a few dog parks to offer its residents, these houses need to cater to these four-legged friends as well, and be as open and accommodating for them as possible, too. Some new builds offer a few different shells or external structures for you to choose from, while the interiors remain yours to adorn. 

With so many selections to choose from or if you prefer a custom-made pad for yourself like a modular home, one needs to know how to adorn this space so it not only looks acceptable but is practical as well. it’s all about functionality over form in most of the rooms. We’re talking, walk-in closets, large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, flexible spaces to use as you would see fit, and if you have kids, a big back yard for them to play in. Find out more about this style online here.

The Types of Structures to Choose From

Hence, if you’re going for one of these modular homes, there are several different designs to select from, some of which include two-story houses, ranch style places, multi-family spaces, a split foyer, a contemporary style home, perhaps your in for a cabin structure, or a chalet and coastal home. 

Whatever the preference these can be built for you, however the decorating and all the extra elements such as the floors, walls, windows, and doors will be your choice to select, which, to be honest, is the fun part. So where to begin? We have included a few good ideas for you below to go through and see if you like any, starting with the flooring and the materials you can use to bring out the best of both functionalities and practically with a touch of aesthetic appeal to your new home.

Which Floor Should You Get for Your New Home?

In terms of floor space, this is something that can make or break any property and waste you a lot of money once it’s done and dusted i.e. laid out for the world to see, stretching over the entire expanse of all the rooms and there is no going back, so careful consideration needs to be done with this area.

Choosing the one that looks beautiful on the shelf on the store is completely different than having it laid out on the base and walking on it, there are a few things to consider such as the pros and cons of each. The floor should be the last to be completed because you will consider the wall color, the furniture, and any other elements that will go into that room, to make sure everything complements each other. Professional Concrete resurfacing is also a great option offering customizable colors and patterns for those with pre-installed floors. Professionals from Indianapolis Decorative Concrete are experienced and experts in providing such services.

Let’s Begin with The Kitchen. This is possibly one of the most important rooms for everyone, friends, and family, in most houses. Its equal predecessor being the living room. This is where you cook, and eat and entertain guests for most of the evening or lunch, depending on whether you have a dining space in it. 

In any case, the chances of spills, glasses, and cutlery breaking and spillage on these floors are very high, and equally cleaning up is just as much. It is a high traffic area as well. Do you see what we’re getting at? Something durable, and easy to clean and maintain will be perfect in this space. 

Our recommendation, natural stones, ceramic tiles wood and linoleum (or lino), are your best bet. Lino is a very common covering in houses and is made from a mixture of a few things such as solidified linseed oil, wood flour, cork dust, and pine resin to name a few. It is sturdy and it holds its place as opposed to being slippery and is treated to be water-resistant too which makes it easy to clean.

The Second Room We Are Moving to Is the Bathroom. There are moisture and steam in your kitchen, but then there is moisture and humidity in your bathrooms, and both can be of a different kind. In the bathroom, it is inevitable. Choosing something that can withstand this is a good idea, as well as being waterproof.

Our recommendation, the natural stone could also work here, as well as ceramic tiles and granite or marble for the floors and countertops. Vinyl tiles would also make another very good and very cost-effective selection as mentioned by Boiling Springs flooring experts as well. it may not be as durable as the stone or tile but it will depend on the size of the space and traffic in that bathroom.

Finally, We Take A Walk into The Living Rooms. Much in the same way as the other parts of the property like the dining room, bedrooms, family rooms, and patio has numerous possibilities of design ideas you can include in them, this is also a very unique and sacred space that requires careful consideration, and yet, one can go wild with bright splashes of colors and mosaic tiles on the roof. 

Our recommendation, if your one for a more relaxed atmosphere we would highly recommend hardwood floors or warm-colored tiles, with earthy tones. One can throw a rug on top of it or if you prefer a classic soft carpet to keep the homely vibe. This is a place of comfort and should be adorned accordingly. 

We hope some of these suggestions appeal to you. Happy choosing!

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