9 Organizational Hacks to Setting Up an Office in Your New Home

Your home office needs to be comfortable, but also a place where you can be productive and focused. The right organization hacks will contribute to all of these, ensuring your home office is the place where you want to be. There are several hacks that you can utilize to transform this space in your home.

1- Pick the Right Location

Location has a lot to do with your ability to organize effectively. For example, if you have a room with built-in shelving this automatically gives you some organization space. You should also consider how much natural light comes into the room. The fewer lamps you need, the fewer cords are in the way, resulting in a cleaner work area.

2- Declutter Weekly

You are already cleaning about once a week, so why not take a few minutes during this time to declutter? If you do not need it for work, you do not need it in your home office. Keep only what you need on hand for the upcoming week out in the open. Everything else can go into storage until you need it again.

3- Keep Everything Together

When you are working, you do not want to have to keep getting up to grab what you need. Try to outfit your space so that everything is within arm’s reach of your desk. For example, place some shelving behind you to hold what you use often, but cannot fit on your desk.

4- Manage Your Cables

Nothing clutters up a workspace more than cables poking out of everywhere. Use zip ties or a cable organizer to keep them in check. You should also label your cables so that you know exactly which device each one belongs.

5- Use Storage Furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage space saves room in your home office. For example, use a storage ottoman to seat your guests and keep things like extra paper and stationery stored until you need it.

6- Go Vertical

Building shelving and using storage bins that stack on top of one another will save space and give you plenty of storage. You can also put small stackable bins on your desk for stationary and other small items that you need to use daily.

7- Grab a Corkboard

You can hang a corkboard on your wall to use to track your deadlines, business information, and other important notes. You can also use a whiteboard or a magnetic board if you prefer these options. This allows you to organize your tasks in one convenient space.

8- Utilize Digital Organization

There are apps and tools that you can use to manage your to-do list. These take up no space and help you track everything from your tablet or phone so that you can access this information no matter where you are.

9- Use Decor That Doubles as Storage

Decorative boxes and similar items can liven up your home office and have a practical use. You can place these items on your shelves and desk to keep all of your small items contained while also adding a decorative flair to the space.

The next step is getting your home office in order. Start with one or two hacks and then add more as you complete these. This will allow for a seamless transition into a more organized home office space.

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