9 Considerations to Make Prior to Starting Tall Building Construction

Planning and constructing a tall commercial building is one of the most significant projects most builders will ever handle in their careers. Not only is the experience hugely expensive, but problems can often make or break a business. There are also numerous considerations to take into account during the progress of the project.

Before starting a tall building project, the issues that must be considered are numerous, full of things to determine and prioritize. These range from wide-view matters such as design to those that are more focused like Concrete Form Systems. What are some of those considerations? That’s what this article is about.

Tall Building Construction Projects Are Never Easy

There’s a reason why most tall building projects are awarded to large construction firms. Typically, it’s because they have the experience and workforce to handle bigger projects. Smaller firms should think twice about trying to get involved in tall building construction.

How Long Will it Take for a Tall Building Project to be Completed?

Time is money. Everybody knows that, but building a tall building is also a huge workforce commitment as well and over a long period. Big projects can often take weeks, if not months, to complete. Certain options can be taken to speed things up considerably, but it’s still time-consuming to build a tall project.

How Much Will a Tall Building Cost?

Regardless of their size, buildings can be costly. The good news in this is that there are often many ways to cut costs. These include using concrete form systems that eliminate traditional but more costly methods.

Access/Lift Capacity

Just because employees can find their way throughout a tall building doesn’t mean everyone can. This includes those such as delivery persons who need to access the building and need to be provided the means to load and unload deliveries inside.

Major Incident/Evacuation Planning

If 9/11 impacted those who construct buildings, it’s creating adequate means of evacuation in an emergency, even when things like lifts aren’t operational.

How Much Will a Building Cost For Upkeep?

Initial construction costs are not the only budget item that must be considered before starting a building project. There are also long-term costs that must be taken into account. These include, most notably, upkeep costs. The good news in this is that even though eventual upkeep costs aren’t usually considered the builder’s problem, the ways a building is constructed can significantly impact the upkeep costs.

How to Organize Your New Tall Building

When a commercial building gets to the construction phase, most of the little use issues have been determined, but it never hurts to ask questions about uses even by constructors. Fortunately, even matters such as making more open space by substituting metal supports can have a huge impact on space use.

A Question of Expansion

A very adequate building in terms of space use and size today can be obsolete in a few years. For this reason, it makes sense to ensure that things like building materials will support changes made in the future. This includes steel that can be modified over time.

How Does the Building Look?

When it comes to aesthetics, many building owners live in the Stone Age. Plainly stated, a building’s appearance can make or break your business’s cred. Make your building’s first impression a good one.

Thanks to today’s building design and construction capabilities, builders have a practically infinite number of choices during the construction phase. Fortunately, all it takes is an open mind to avail yourself of all these options.

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