8 Tips For Decorating With Black Items In The Home

For some homeowners, black decorations and black paints are a big no-no. The color black often relates to a dark and depressing atmosphere, and homeowners wouldn’t want that for their home. On the other hand, playing around with black colors for your home decorations is not as bad as you imagine. 

In fact, black can be added as a stylish, dramatic, and even a captivating accent to your interior decorations. Black is one of the versatile colors, together with white, and they go beautifully with any style and design. 

It’s all about how you use the color and incorporate each item to work together. Black will neutralize the look of your home if you mix it with other bright colors. Imagine looking at a living room filled with bursting light colors—this can be hurtful to the eyes. The black color ties all of the shades and hues together, making everything look harmonious. 

When decorating with black items, you don’t want everything to be in black as well. Here are some tips in using black items to decorate your home:

1. Use Black As An Accent

Start by using black as an accent. As mentioned earlier, black doesn’t have to be featured in every available space you have in a room. You can choose a piece of furniture that will serve as the black accent and place it in a room with another color. 

For instance, if you’ve purchased space-saving black bean bags for your living room, you can highlight this item by placing it around other colors aside from black. However, if you’re going for a black-themed room, you can arrange the black items together with different darker shades that will still create contrast, such as gray, taupe, or ash gray.

2. Incorporate Black Through Framed Pictures And Artwork

One of the easiest ways to decorate using black is by incorporating it into your existing picture frames. If you have existing artworks or pictures displayed on walls or tables, switching up their frames into black ones will indeed highlight the photograph. The black frame will serve as the border, making the artwork or picture the main focus.  

You can also do the opposite—for instance, if you chose dark and black-themed artworks for your home, you can highlight them by using lighter picture frames.

3. Less Is More

Do not overdo your black item decorations. Black is not meant to dominate an entire room or interior. If you add too much of that color in an area, your room will only appear too dark and gloomy. Black items can only stand out better when used as an accent. You can start by gradually incorporating it through cushions, mirror frames, or lamp tables.

4. Avoid Choosing Black For Large Furniture

You can use black picture frames, a black coffee table, or a black chair in adding accents of black in your room. But using large black items is highly discouraged. 

For instance, a black sofa may look more attractive while it’s still displayed at the store. Once you bring it home, the black sofa may look too heavy and overshadow your entire living room. Remember that large black pieces of furniture may drag your room’s atmosphere down.

5. Make Your Kitchen And Laundry Room Vibrant With Black

Not only bright and flash colors can add energy and vibrance into a room—black can do that too. Most of the time, a minimalistic kitchen is left out when it comes to decorating since they are not always exposed to the guests. But who doesn’t want to work in a room filled with vibrant energy, right? 

Instead of using one plain color for your kitchen and laundry room floors, you may opt to add black and white colors. The best way to add these colors is through a checkerboard pattern. This pattern brings a vibrant and dynamic energy to a room. There’s no other color that suits a checkerboard pattern other than black, and it will look gorgeous in your kitchen and laundry room. 

6. Add Black Chairs To Your Dining Room

Nowadays, people tend to go for minimalistic dining rooms. What’s the best way to incorporate black into a dining room without overpowering its tidy and minimalistic design? The only correct answer to that is none other than, black chairs. 

Ensure that your dining room has adequate lighting so it wouldn’t appear dark and gloomy. Also, balance it out by adding other black decoration pieces. You can match the black chairs with a black chandelier and small black frames in the background. Using black for your home is all about balance, not dominance.

7. Paint The Floor Black

Painting the entire floor black can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time playing around with the color. You may start off by using black as a stencil for the entire floor or just the room’s border. Later on, when you’re ready, you can paint the whole floor with high-glossed black paint. Don’t worry, it’s a sure way to add a matte finish and sophistication to your room.

8. Don’t Settle For One Black Item Only

Suppose you have one black coffee table in your living room. If that’s the only black item you have in your house, your black coffee table will simply look distracting and out-of-place. To avoid this scenario, pair a black piece of furniture with another black item. For instance, you can pair the coffee table in your living room with black cushions or black fireplace frames. Having at least three to five black items in one space is enough to make a statement.

Finishing Up

Black is now one of the most stylish accents you can add to your home. They create drama, elegance, and luxury that not all colors can give. Moreover, they can create contrast and significant changes even without much effort. 

If you want an airy space for your home with an added contrast, black can provide that. If you want your interior to appear dark and sleek, black can give you that too. Overall, black is a versatile color that you must incorporate into your decorations to enhance your home.

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