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8 Applications of ID Scanning Software in a Retail Environment


ID scanning software helps extract information from an identification document to deter fraudsters and past fraudulent ID owners from accessing your premises, protecting your business from potential income losses. With many young people resulting in deceitful access to restricted areas, products, and services, ID scanners help detect their validity for improved compliance. Since ID scanners record past scanning details, it’s easy to identify people who have been banned from accessing the premises.

Streamlining of business operations is beneficial for every business looking to save time, grow and make profits. The ID scanning software helps streamline processes to enhance customer experience. Here are applications of ID scanning software in a retail environment.

Employee hiring and onboarding

As more businesses embrace remote working, the hiring and onboarding processes are also going digital. The ID scanning software combined with other technologies such as facial recognition and video calling can help your HR personnel through the identity verification process to ensure the person whose documents they have is the one they’re interviewing.

Additionally, integrating the ID scanning software into the retail employee app helps with fast and smooth onboarding. Using this software, employees can scan their identification documents to fill in in-app forms, eliminating manual data entry and human error.

Age verification for restricted goods

For retailers to comply with the age compliance rule for restricted goods, they should verify the buyer’s age before completing a transaction. You can confirm the buyer’s age to ensure compliance and avoid expensive legal tussles using the ID scanning software. This empowers the secure and safe sale of controlled goods, creating new customer experiences and giving you an edge over the competition.

With the growth of e-commerce, more age-restricted goods may be ordered online, and deliveries are done without proper age verification. With mobile ID scanning, delivery of goods and capturing of relevant data can be done at the recipient’s door or at the click-and-collect point to ensure compliance.

Loyalty card enrollment

Loyalty cards entitle customers to discounts or allotments of points that they can redeem later on. Unlike the traditional enrollment process, which requires a manually completed paper, the digital enrollment process is fast and leaves no room for errors. With the ID scanning software, you quickly scan the customers’ IDs to extract the relevant information for immediate enrollment.

Age verification for consumer apps

Customer apps help retailers create flexible shopping experiences and deliver personalized offers to their customers. The OCR technology lets app users scan their IDs to effortlessly input personal data, enhancing better user adoption and engagement. Since the data extraction and data input are completed on the consumer’s device, security and data privacy are assured.

Incorporating the ID scanning software into customers helps verify customer ages to ensure app age compliance. It also provides a seamless onboarding process, free of human error in the data entry, improving user experience and profitability.

Credit card application

If a customer wishes to have a credit card that helps them shop, retail stores can use the ID scanning software to automatically extract client data then quickly issue them with a credit card. It also enables you to authenticate sensitive consumer information like name, age, and contact details.

Retail marketing

An ID scanner allows you to collect precise and accurate customer data that you can use for indirect marketing. With the collected data and analytics, you can determine your clients’ demographics and their purchasing power. This can help you create a marketing plan specifically customized for your customers. since you’re able to monitor your clients’ purchasing patterns, you’ll only stock what is necessary and price it according to the observed purchasing power.

Returns management

Retailers have an open policy for customer returns for defective goods. With the ID scanning software, you can curb fraudulent returns by tracking client returns history. Consider setting notifications for customers who have reached their returns threshold, and empower outlet managers to loss prevention groups valuable real-time data among other stores.

Fraud and identity theft prevention

Through identity card verification, retailers can deter fraudulent credit card transactions and applications and returns at check-outs. The ID scanning software helps you scan IDs for identity verification when applying credit cards to prevent identity theft. You can also share real-time data across multiple stores to monitor attempts of any fraudulent activities.


The ID scanning software offers a variety of solutions to retailers, such as access control, visitor management, automatic data capture, storage of data for future use, and more. Consider investing in identity scanning technology to streamline operations, boost business growth, and increase revenue.

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