7 Weekend Projects to Make a House More Attractive to Buyers

If you want to sell your property quickly, you must make it appealing to buyers. And that involves making your house stand out. Not only will this entice prospective buyers, but it’ll also enable you to get the best possible price on it. Below are seven ideas that are sure to make your property more appealing.

1. Get a Home Inspection and Offer Copies

Home buyers are usually hesitant to acquire a property if they fear it would be a total waste of money, especially when faced with pricey repairs. Before you sell your home, have it inspected by a reputable third-party home inspection company. You should also avail copies of the report to prospective buyers. Transparency about the condition of your property, including any potential flaws, exhibits excellent integrity to buyers, thus assuring them there will be no setbacks when they buy your property.

2. Paint Your Property

If you intend to sell your property, but it hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in a while, this could be the ideal time to update it. Although it may be tempting to use colors you personally prefer, keep in mind that you are painting to impress buyers instead of yourself. Considering this, stick to lighter shades like white and grey, saving the brighter tones for feature walls if you wish to add them.

3. Use Natural Decor

Furnishings that appear too big will make a space look small, while tiny furniture will make a room feel chilly. Avoid using low-cost furnishings as well. You don’t need to purchase new furniture; in fact, it’s possible to rent certain pieces to help decorate your home. In any case, ensure that the furnishings look clean, organized, and pleasant. You can even use cushions to add color and contrast to your living room.

4. Focus on the Exterior

Check that the lawn, fences, bushes, and flowers have all been properly trimmed and that any weeds have been eliminated. Wash the panes thoroughly and consider adding plant pots to liven things up. If possible, pressure clean the house’s driveway to make it look neat. Another way to make the most of your home’s exterior is to build an outdoor living area at the back, such as a balcony or garden with furnishings.

5. Declutter

Begin with a massive declutter by throwing away or donating all clothing, books, and other objects you no longer need. Buyers will peek inside cupboards, and having them free will imply that your property has enough storage.

6. Make Good Use of Lighting

For areas receiving a lot of sunlight throughout the day, open the curtains and blinds and let the sunlight in; this should help the rooms appear more spacious when clients arrive to look at them. Also, turn on lamps in gloomy places to minimize dark corners.

7. Upgrade Your Bathroom

The average person spends approximately 30-60 minutes a day inside the bathroom. So why not make it a comfortable space? While major renovations can cost an arm and a leg, minor upgrades can still improve your bathroom significantly. Fix any leaking fixtures, regrout the shower, replace old cabinet handles, and install towel bars. Such improvements can create a good impression with prospective buyers.
When you’re done updating your house, it’s time to leave it to the professionals to take over. Now, we’re not saying you can’t make the sale on your own, but it’d be better if you saved yourself the trouble of dealing with buyers. Look for a knowledgeable realtor and have them assist you in sealing the deal.

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