7 Ways To Embrace a Minimalist Design to your Home Office

The current pandemic has made us adapt to a new normal and home offices have been one such adaptation. Millennials have been forced to blend their personal lives with their work which can be a daunting experience. The space set out for an office plays a big role in energy and productivity. To solve this dilemma, many are embracing the concept of minimalism. The whole idea behind a minimalist design is eliminating all the unnecessary elements and focusing on what’s needed to a space. The simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Below are some tips to help you discover the clean and minimal design by Hay for your home office;

01. Clear all the clutter

The first step to minimalism is carefully planning your space. Strip the area down to only its essential to provide a plain canvas to work on. The mind tends to feel relaxed and stress-free when the room looks bare. It’s important to have a visual layout on how you intend to use the space before making any purchases for the office.

02. Invest in quality over quantity

Many a time, we buy things that we don’t use or need. In the spirit of embracing minimalism to your home office, invest in high-quality furniture and accessories as opposed to quantity. Let every piece serve a certain purpose.

03. Pick colors and textures wisely

Once the clutter is out of the way, the room gives space for magic to happen. Just because its minimalist doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Minimalism in a home office can be achieved through incorporating a pop of color through the furniture, stationery, cushions, storage and other smaller items to add little details and flair to your space. Feel free to play with texture and patterns to further accentuate areas of your office.

04. Let there be light

Lighting is an essential element in any room. Well-lit spaces feel more airy and spacious while dark ones feel tight and cramped. Light can affect the mood of a room while drawing attention to the colors and textures of a space helping the architecture achieve its true purpose. Natural light does wonders to our health and energy levels but in the absence of such, artificial lighting would suffice.

05. Make use of mirrors

Incorporating a mirror in a small home office is a great way of opening up a small space. The mirror reflects light making the space feel larger than it is. A simple floor-to-ceiling mirror will give the office a feeling of depth without distorting the reflections off sparkly surfaces.

06. Opt for practical storage

Minimalism requires little-to-no clutter. This means you need to carefully think through your waste disposal and storage strategy. Office supplies that are not used regularly need to be tucked away. Simple functional storage furniture easily compliments a space and does the job. For the creative at heart, elegant antique storage furniture will act as a statement piece for your space.

07. Choose minimalistic art

Minimalism should not put you off from having art into your space. An easy way to express personal taste and character onto a space is via the use of art preferably at eye level. Keep in mind that your office is a space to work in hence the art should exemplify this.

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