7 Uncommon, Yet Essential, Items You Need in Your Bug Out Bag

Are you aware that only 34% of Americans have prepared bug-out bags in case of an emergency?

While your chances of getting stuck in a life-threatening emergency are slim, the world can be a chaotic and unpredictable place. It’s always better to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared, so you can have peace of mind that you can keep yourself safe at all times.

There are plenty of obvious things to include in a bug-out bag like shelf-stable food and medications, but there are plenty of other items you should consider adding to yours. Keep reading this guide to break down some uncommon things everyone should have in their bug-out bag.

1. A Filtered Water Bottle

A filtered water bottle should be on everyone’s bug-out bag checklist because you never know when you’ll have access to clean drinking water. Lugging around jugs of water isn’t always realistic, so having a water bottle with a filter will allow you to drink as needed if you’re near a body of water.

2. A Compact Camping Stove

It’s always wise to include some shelf-stable foods in your bug-out bag kit, but a person can only enjoy canned beans for so long. There are plenty of camping stoves that are nice and compact, so you don’t have too much to carry. Having the ability to heat up your food and cook meat is valuable.

3. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are another one of the top essentials of a bug-out bag because they have multiple uses. In addition to keeping your behind clean after going to the bathroom, you can wipe your entire body down to feel refreshed when you don’t have access to a shower.

4. DigiTrak F2 Transmitters

DigiTrak F2 transmitters can scan hundreds of radio frequencies, so you can use the best one. They even work if you’re in a noisy environment.

5. Tarp

A tarp is helpful because you can use it to create a shelter or even collect rainwater. You could also set some tarp down on the ground, so you don’t have to sleep on a wet surface.

6. Pepper Spray

Everyone knows how useful guns and knives can be when it comes to hunting and self-defense, but pepper spray deserves a spot in your bug-out bag, too. Pepper spray is silent, which could save your life if you’re trying to keep your location hidden. You can use it against humans and animals.

7. A Solar Power Phone Charger

You never know when you’ll have access to electricity, which is why solar-powered devices are so handy. Your phone will help you stay connected to the world, and it can even provide comfort since you can look at your photos and play games when you need to stay calm.

Now You Can Have the Best Bug Out Bag

Everyone can benefit from packing a bug-out bag. After learning about the lesser-known bug-out bag essentials, you can be prepared for any emergency.

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