7 Smart Vacation Rental Interior Design Tips to Attract Bookings

People go on vacation for the location, but choose where they stay based on style and comfort. Be selective with your vacation rental interior design. A smart design leads to attractive marketing photos that help sell your space. The guest reviews raving about how comfortable and attractive the living space will close the deal.  

Vacation rental interior design plays a large role in a rental’s success. While the design is important, you don’t need to hire an interior designer to make an impression. Follow these tips for a vacation rental interior design sure to impress guests and create a comfortable experience. 

Follow minimalism in design

Less is more when it comes to vacation rental interior design. Lean towards minimalism, an interior design style that is thoughtful about what furniture and artwork are in a room. Everything included has a place and a purpose.

Minimalism isn’t sterile. Color and art are welcome. Antique furniture is fine. By applying minimalist principles, vacation rental owners can create a nuanced and welcoming vacation home. Edit the furniture and art to have only the essential pieces for a vacation rental. Selecting one or two eye-catching pieces instead of multiple pieces of small art can go a long way to making a room look attractive. 

Choose light colors

A neutral palette or lighter colors help make any room look larger and brighter. A dark color on a wall or in a statement piece does make a visual statement, but people on vacation want to feel calm and relaxed. Darker colors don’t create relaxing feelings, and they absorb light. 

Invest in durable and comfortable furnishings

Something cheap from a big-box store might stay within a vacation rental interior design budget, but vacation rental owners need to think about the long-term. Vacation rentals see lots of wear and tear. How many times do you want to replace the decor and furniture? 

Think back to minimalism in your vacation rental interior design. Investing in fewer but higher-quality features could be smarter financially.

Be smart with lighting

Part of creating a welcoming vacation rental interior design is the lighting. Find ways to create warm spaces using your windows and light fixtures. Consider what the spaces look like at all times of the year, from the darker winter months to a summer night. Switching to LEDs or brighter lumens could transform a room.

Remember, travelers enjoy reading. Look at places where a guest might cozy up with a book and add lighting.

Be authentic with local art

Be true to the general interior design trends of the area when outfitting the vacation home. When people vacation at a ski resort, they expect the interior design to match their dream vacation. 

Add a few art pieces from local vendors reflecting the flavor of the area to add to your vacation rental interior design. Guests will love the story these pieces tell.

Make your vacation rental low maintenance and easy to clean

One advantage of using a minimalist vacation rental interior design is maintenance. Fewer furniture pieces to navigate the vacuum around and less clutter to dust makes turnaround time quick and easy. 

Other design decisions help keep the property low-maintenance. For instance, switching the high-traffic carpeted living room to more durable vinyl flooring. It’s easy for guests to clean up spills and to tidy between bookings.

Manage the clutter

No one likes clutter. Think about how real estate agents stage a home to sell. They remove things from the home. People like spaces that don’t feel filled to the brim with knick-knacks and general stuff.

Be selective about what goes into each room in the vacation rental property.  A stack of local magazines seems like a good idea for a coffee table, but they’re adding to clutter to the home. Select just one or two of the latest additions to place in thoughtful magazine rank or side table.

Vacation rental design

A minimalist-inspired vacation rental interior design creates a clean, open feel in the space. A welcoming home impacts the success of your vacation rental marketing and is vital to positive guest experiences. A few well-placed touches go further than filling a space with decor and furniture.

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