6 Unique Storage Accessories to Use in Your Home

If you’re planning to renovate your house and you have a lot of extra space, you might want to use some unique storage accessories. These storage items can organize your things quickly and even add beauty to your home.  

Unique storage accessories are more useful than just placing your items in a storage room until you forget they exist. You can easily organize your items by adding these storage accessories: 

01 DIY Shelves and Cabinets 

You can add shelves and cabinets to put any part of your room if you want your items on display. Put the cabinets or shelves in the right spot so you can access them easily.  

You can transform your old closet into a cabinet for items you want to keep out of sight. For instance, you can keep your old clothes, books, files, or other items you don’t use anymore. That way, you can easily access them from time to time. 

As for shelves, they’re available in different sizes and colors that include various types of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Some of these shelves are simple and easy to install, while others are more complicated, but you can always DIY as long as you follow instructions on how to use them. 

Depending on the items you’ll be displaying on your shelves, some can hold up to 400 lbs while some can only hold smaller items. You can also use shelves for organizing shoes or toys. If you want to create floating shelves to add beauty to your home, visit, and you’ll find many varieties of shelves to go with your home’s design. 

02 Used Boxes 

When you have many cardboard boxes, you can turn them into storage boxes instead of throwing them away. Design them to make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

You can use these boxes as a place for old photos, books, old CDs, and a variety of other items before placing them in your garage or attic. 

You can also use these boxes as a place for large amounts of personal items. Some of these boxes can be great places for toys and other things like those old board games that you never had room for. You can use small boxes for small items like pens and pencils. 

There are various sizes of boxes you can choose from, depending on the sizes of the items you’ll keep.  

03 Metal Basket Wall Shelf 

Aside from DIY shelves you can buy, you can also use a metal basket wall shelf as it’s a good way to add a classic look to your home. You can use them as a great focal point when you’re trying to decorate your space using different styles. 

Then, consider the way you’re going to put the basket to the wall first. Make sure the basket is going to stand up to the weight you’re going to put on it. Since the metal basket isn’t covered, you can put some in your living room or kitchen walls. That way, you can display items you need to access now and then. You can even use it to pile your books so you can save up space from using cabinets. 

04 Footstool Storage 

Aside from using a shoe stand, try different types of footstool to keep your shoes. These come in many different styles, from the classic round to modern square, rectangular, square, or “waffle-type” designs. While some manufacturers offer custom made stool designs, you can find ready-made footstools in different online shops. 

Some stool styles are simple, while others have two separate sides or compartments. The two different sections allow for a variety of shoes to get organized. Some designs have the back section of the stool up front so you can easily fold the shoes up when not being worn. 

Other stool designs, however, will have both the sections of the stool to the side. If you’re using the stool for storage reasons, they can easily pull the sections of the stool together and place their shoes inside the storage compartment. When not being used, the individual can easily take out the shoes and fold them up to free the storage space. If you use the stool for the purpose of storing shoes, then you should choose a stool that you can fold when not in use. 

05 Narrow Pantry Shelving 

If you’re looking for ways to maximize space in your kitchen, you can use narrow pantry shelving. Most are made of durable materials that can withstand water damage and other common disasters such as fire or burglary. 

The wide range of narrow pantry shelves makes it easy for you to find just the right style for your kitchen. Narrow pantry shelving comes in various sizes, too, so you can use one that will fit the corners of your kitchen.  

What’s even better is it’s easy to move around the kitchen so you can reach your ingredients and tools easily when preparing large meals.  

06 Under Bed Storage 

If you’re tired of having a plain, boring bed frame in the middle of your bedroom and want to change it into something more useful, then create under-bed storage. There are a number of easy to make structures that will give you a little bit of storage for personal items in the bedroom.  

Here are two DIY ideas to create under bed storage to maximize the space in your bedroom: 

  • Join three double tower shelves together to create a bed frame with storage underneath it. Use plywood as the base and place a table underneath in a triangle shape. Attach shelves to the top of the table with hinges and store anything you want underneath. 
  • You may also want to make an under-bed shoe storage unit out of plywood and glass so you can see your shoes from above. Take three boxes made of cardboard and glue them together to form the storage space for your shoes and stuff like socks or underwear. Last thing is to attach the glass as the cover of the storage. 


Keeping your home organized is one way to make it appear pleasing. When you enter your home without clutters lying around, you’ll feel relaxed. On the other hand, a messy room to meet you when you go inside your room will unconsciously stress you out. 

That’s why you can make unique organizers and storage boxes to keep your belongings well-kept. If you’re doing a DYI project, you can design it to accentuate the room. That way, you can add up to the décor of your space while keeping your things organized.

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