6 Tips for Organizing Your Health and Wellness Supplies at Home

Health and wellness products greatly improve the quality of our lives. How we look and how we feel are two of the most important aspects of defeating the aging process. For this reason, it is important to organize our supplements, skin creams, and other wellness supplies to ensure that we stay on top of our regimen. Let’s consider how to best organize these supplies below:

#1: Daily Supplement Organizer

Once we have moved beyond taking more than just a single multivitamin a day, it is important that we have all the supplements organized into a daily-dose storage method. The contents of a weekly pill organizer can be easily sorted and prepared every weekend to ensure that all your pills, vitamins, and supplements are taken on time.

#2: Medicine Cabinets

A lot of people have medicine cabinets in their bathrooms. While this may be an ideal place to store medical supplies, such as band-aids, creams, lotions, razors, and shaving gel, you don’t want to store prescription pills here or toothbrushes. Your toothbrush will grow bacteria if you don’t allow it to dry out. The best place to store your toothbrush is actually in your bedroom. A medicine cabinet is useful, however, for organizing a number of health and wellness supplies.

#3: Portable Shampoo Rack

You don’t want to leave shampoo and conditioner bottles sitting on the edges of your shower or tub. While it seems convenient to keep everything where you need it, these bottles actually become places for soap scum and mold to accumulate. It is better to have a removable rack that hangs over the shower head. This will allow you to spray down your shower and tub after every use and thereby minimize the amount of work necessary to keep soap scum and mold at bay.

#4: Small Safe

When it comes to wellness supplies and prescriptions that can harm one’s health if they are not taken as directed, it is important to keep these potentially harmful substances under lock and key. You never know when a relative may bring kids over the house to play even if you don’t have children of your own.

By ensuring that they are kept in a fireproof safe, you have peace of mind that they will not be lost or tampered with by anyone else. And because these wellness supplies are usually of critical importance, you will always know where to find them and won’t lose them.

#5: Dresser Organizer

When it comes to deodorant, lotions, and beauty supplies, it is best to keep these materials in a bedroom dresser. This way you can apply them before you are fully dressed and protect your freshly washed clothing. In the ideal case, you will already have some specific cabinets above your dresser drawers. If not, you could purchase a matching piece to sit on top of your dressers.

#6: Kitchen Organizer

In some cases, you will have more room in your kitchen to store health and wellness products. Finding a kitchen cupboard organizer that can compartmentalize your various supplements and products is an individualized task. Just be sure to keep these materials in upper cabinets that are not easy for children to access.

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