5 Ways To Save Money On An Expensive Sport Like Cycling

As much fun as cycling is, and as great as it is for helping you stay fit and active, it can be an expensive sport for many. 

With a list of kit as long as your arm (and that’s before you’ve even bought the bicycle!), it’s easy for cycling to seem like a sport that’s out of reach for the average person. But, with a few money saving tips, such as the 5 listed below, you can make your money go further and help save yourself a few bucks:

  1. Buy an all-road bike

You don’t have to go for the top cycle brands in world when buying a bicycle, but opting for an all-road bike will enable you to enjoy a range of terrains, with just the one bike. 

2. Invest in high quality equipment

While an all-weather tyre will be a bit weightier than a model designed for racing, and might have more rolling resistance, it will offer you a much better deal in terms of cost per kilometer. It’s also worth spending time to keep your bike as clean as possible between rides, as a dirty bike will almost certainly wear much quicker than one that has been maintained well, and cost you more in replacement components over time. 

3.Replace parts in a consistent manner

By maintaining your bike at regular intervals and replacing parts that are worn or damaged promptly, you can save money on repairs and not have to make so many trips to a bike shop. A chain checker, for example, enables you to keep a close eye on the condition of your chain, so that you can replace it in a timely manner when it becomes worn. This will save you the cost of a replacement drivetrain, since a worn chain will gradually degrade the cassette and chainrings so much that the new chain won’t mesh properly with them. 

You should also replace other components in a timely manner, such as brake pads, and giving your bike a quick visual inspection after every ride can help you spot any problems or wear and tear. 

4. Attend social rides instead of events

Nowadays, there are a wide range of biking events you can attend, but as registration fees are almost always required, the cost of these can mount up over time. So, if you enjoy riding with others but can’t afford to take part in organised events, why not find a local cycling club and participate in their events? While they may require a small fee or membership charge, the cost will be minimal compared to that of organized events. 

5. Cycle everywhere!

Wherever possible, cycle to your destination and enjoy all of the benefits of being out in the great outdoors, while keeping fit and active. And, better yet, save money on vehicle or public transport costs. 

Cycling doesn’t have to be unattainable as a sport or pastime due to its cost, and with plenty of great ways to save money if you do plan to take it up, you can begin pedalling your way to health and happiness today! And don’t forget that even the famous bicycle brands have sales from time to time, meaning that you can still afford to have a great bike while on a budget.

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