5 Ways to be More Comfortable When Traveling

With travel up and running again, more people are heading away on adventures. If you’re traveling locally, or going on a big adventure overseas, one of the things you’ll be considering is how to ensure you’ll be as comfortable as possible. There are a few simple tricks and hacks you can implement to ensure travel is comfortable, from the shoes you wear through to how much luggage you take with you. Keep reading to learn my top 5 ways to be more comfortable when traveling.

1. Be Smart About Footwear
Having shoes that are comfortable and that you can walk many miles in each day will make a world of difference. I prefer to travel with just two or three pairs of shoes, but I always make sure that one of my shoes is ultra comfortable and would work for my more active activities. You’ll want to consider a pair of sustainable sneakers, because not only do they look great but they’re good for the environment too. That way you can look good, feel comfortable and know you’re doing your part to make this world a better place.

2. Travel Light
You know the expression ‘less is more’ well I think there’s no situation where this applies more than when you’re traveling. I always try to pack as little as possible when traveling. If you think you could get away with traveling with carry on only, give it a go. There’s something so liberating about traveling without a bulky suitcase. It also means you won’t have to worry about lost luggage or trying to figure out how to get a bulky suitcase or two up and down stairs in a metro somewhere in the world. But if you’re a fan of extended stays, traveling lightly won’t be an option, so make sure your extended stays hotel has enough room for your things.

3. Use Breathable Materials
Using clothes that are breathable or natural fabrics like cotton or merino will make such a difference to your travel wardrobe. For starters, if you’re using wool fabrics like merino you can actually get away with washing them less often. Just hang them on a coat hanger overnight to air out. Using natural fabrics will help you feel more comfortable especially if you’re being active and they help better regulate your temperature too which is great if you’re traveling to cold or hot places.

4. Don’t Skimp on the Neck Pillow

While I’m all about traveling light, a neck pillow is absolutely essential for me. There’s nothing worse than waking up from a nap on a plane or a bus to a stiff neck that takes days to go away. One thing I suggest is getting a clip so you can clip it to your backpack or suitcase while traveling so it doesn’t have to take up precious packing space.

5. Take Packing Cubes
If you’re wanting to travel light, then packing cubes is likely to be an important piece of the puzzle. They’re great because they help compress your clothes so you can fit more into a smaller space, but they also help you keep everything organized. You can buy a 3 pack on Amazon and I’m sure it will be one of your favorite travel hacks.

Finding ways to be more comfortable when traveling can make a big difference to your overall enjoyment when on the road. I hope these 5 tips help you better prepare for your next trip.

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