5 Tips to Create An Instagram-Worthy Minimalist Dining Room

If you are thinking of renovating your dining room to welcome the new year, it’s best to go for a minimalist design. Minimalism started in the 1950s as part of the Scandinavian movement. Many have embraced this practice in their lifestyle for its breathtaking simplicity and functionality. Over the years, the popularity of minimalism continued to prosper. Thanks to mainstream influencers, such as Marie Kondo, this design scheme is not likely to go away anytime soon. If you are often on Instagram, you would want a dining room to showcase to your followers. If you manage to get a good number of likes on the content, it’s possible to be attracted by new followers as well.

How to Achieve an Instagram-Worthy Minimalist Dining Room

Here are some tips to help you achieve a minimalist design

1. Bring the Outdoors In

Adding some greenery into your dining space can create a great impact. When you want to achieve that cozy vibe in your dining room, you can add indoor plants. Not only will they purify their air inside your home, but they also add depth to your aesthetics. However, you should carefully choose the types of plants you would bring in. Some plants may grow so big that they can already add a heavy feel into your space. You should choose plants that have minimalist appearances as well, such as dragon trees with their long, thin leaves. You can also add tall Dracaena plants because they have interesting foliage that stands upright, and they are extremely low maintenance. You can also add succulents because of their size and appearance that don’t overwhelm your space. 

2. Low Key Yet Functional Furniture

If you love to entertain guests in your dining room or kitchen, you need to have functional furniture that can also serve as your dining room’s focal point. It can be a talking piece that you and your guests can talk about. Go for items that come in neutral colors but come with an interesting design. 

3. Play With Metals

Metal accents are not only trendy, but they can also be an extremely functional piece of art. Try to add metal light fixtures in neutral colors to get that modern and cool vibe. You can also play with different colors, such as brushed gold and brass, to add texture to your dining area without being too overwhelming. 

4. Invest in Flooring

Your dining room and kitchen receive tons of foot traffic, so you’ll want to choose flooring that can withstand the use and remain timeless in the process. Make your dining room Instagram worthy by having hardwood flooring. It will give your space that distinct polished look. A huge plus is that it is ultra-easy to maintain. It gives that Nordic vibe that goes well with a minimalist design aesthetic. They are also incredibly versatile and add value to your home. You can also add a carpet to add texture to your space. Get a stain-resistant one if possible. If you need someone to do the hard work for you, check out Task Ant.

5. Let There Be Light

One of the hallmarks of minimalist design is tons of light. Find ways to shower your dining room with plenty of natural and artificial light. The key is to install floor to ceiling glass windows whenever possible. You can also add an artistically designed skylight to give your space that depth and natural lighting. 

You should also invest in some good artificial lighting. Get one that can provide some bright light during dinnertime gatherings with family and friends. Your kitchen should also have under cabinet lighting to accentuate the space and make it more appealing. Strip lighting can help achieve this design element. 

Key Takeaways

Minimalism can be tricky to achieve. When choosing your style pieces, make sure that they are something functional that will bring value to your space. 

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