5 Things to Know Before Your Kitchen Remodeling

Thousands of Americans remodel their kitchen every year. Largely because there’s a ton of benefits to it. Remodeling your kitchen can help you revamp an old and tired living space. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air, every once in a while, and you’d be surprised just how much a renovation can change a space.

Not only that, but remodeling your kitchen can also end up giving you more room to move, and to cook, and that will have a great effect on life quality. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, here are some things you’ll want to keep an eye on.

  1. Reconsider your storage.

If you’ve been living here a while, you probably have your own routine in the kitchen. This means you already pretty much know the things you’ll use and won’t use, the spaces that are put to good use, and the ones that are kinda wasted. 

When remodeling your new kitchen, you’ll want to make the most of your storage space, while also keeping it at a minimum. Consider building storage units in the areas where they’re most likely to be used. A storage space for pots and pans should go near the oven. Storage for utensils, cutting boards, and the like, should go near the counter top for maximum efficiency, and to reduce clutter.

  1. Make walkways a priority.

When redesigning their kitchen, many people focus on storage space, and cramming in as much new technology as they can, but all the while, they neglect their own wellbeing while in that kitchen. Chances are, if you build a kitchen with narrow walkways, and little moving space, you won’t be very happy. Rather, the small space will stress you out, and make cooking a hassle. 

So in designing your new kitchen, make wide walkways a priority. This is not only a good idea in case of an emergency, but also gives the impression of more room. More room means a more relaxed mental state, and so, a better energy while cooking. And you want to focus on that, because we spend a lot of time every day in the kitchen.

  1. Use color for light.

The color of your kitchen furniture can change the way you view a space quite a lot. A dark foreboding shade of wood will make a small kitchen even smaller, and more depressing. This is why, if you’re aiming for more space with your kitchen do-over (and who isn’t?), you’ll want to go for light-color furniture. Whether you combine light with dark, or do your entire kitchen in soft shades, pastels, and neutrals, you’ll be gaining more space, and a better vibe to your kitchen.

  1. Think about upkeep.

While any new kitchen will look good the moment you’re done remodeling, you need to think about three months from now. Consider upkeep when remodeling your kitchen, and aim to minimize it. For instance, in your fridge, you want to get wire shelves, instead of glass panels ones, as those dirty up quicker. 

In your kitchen, a matte finish will show dirt and grime way less than a glossy finish. Consider these things when renovating. 

  1. Cleanliness is next to…

Lastly, consider how you’ll store food, ingredients and leftovers, as these may attract mice. Better yet, call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help you design a pest-free kitchen. They may also spot issues like cracks in the walls, or other attractions to rodents and pests. You’ll want to avoid clutter in your new cooking space, so the way you design anything from shelves, to the actual cooking areas will determine how pest-attractive the kitchen is.

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