5 Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing A Jeweler In Baltimore

Looking to purchase an engagement ring? Congratulations. You are about to get into the exciting part of life. It can be thrilling. Your partner is waiting eagerly to put it on and give you back the love you have been looking for all these years. But wait, what if you choose a bad jeweler in Baltimore? It will kill the hype, right? Well, choosing an engagement ring isn’t that easy. Even those who consider themselves expert have encountered difficulties choosing a perfect engagement ring. So, don’t mess with your choice. Use the following tips to get the best engagement ring for that big moment.

Your Ideal Shape

Be explicit with what you want. What diamond shape are you looking for? Remember, every shape and cut are differently priced. It’s also important to know that the price per carat is different—so be sure about the type of ring you are looking for.

If you are looking for round cuts, you might have to pay more since they cost more than their conventional counterparts. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, then you might have to consider pearl and marquis. Get your ideal shape from genuine vendors like Nelson Coleman Jewelers and let your excitement and joy do the talking.

So, take a close look at different engagement rings and go for one that explicitly fits into your needs.


Normally, traditional engagement ring come are available in:

  • Yellow gold
  • Platinum
  • White gold and silver

Usually, silver and platinum tend to look alike, However, platinum is more expensive than silver. This is because it is weightier. Plus, due to its soft nature, it tends to scratch easily. So, before choosing your jewelry, it’s important to take account of your lifestyle as well as the budget first.

What Is Your Proffered Carat Size?

All pieces of jewelry are measured in terms of carats. If you are that kind of a person who loves to go bigger, then purchasing a bigger piece will work. However, it’s important to determine the Carat size that suits your explicit needs.

Discuss it with your partner. Know his/her ideal tone size. Of course, you can tweak color as well as appearance to get something that suits your budget. But, knowing your ideal size is equally important.

Therefore, if you are so much into size, determine your ideal carat size before shopping for your jewelry. Also, be flexible when it comes to other key elements.

Always Consider Certification

The romance and excitement during the big day shouldn’t confuse you. Take your time and purchase from a certified vendor. Go shopping together. The vendor must be certified by international Gemological bodies. The grades shouldn’t be inflated.

The Power of Getting Measured Correctly

Don’t just look at the measurement in the label. Push your vendor to measure it as you watch. Some vendors can be crafty and give you the wrong measurements. To beat them, ask for real-time measurement. Also, ensure that the ring fits perfectly. Don’t approximate. Imagine purchasing a ring that cuts off your circulation? What about a ring that falls off? Annoying, right? Well, these are the things you can avoid if you get measured. Take your partner to the jewelry store. Let him/her get measured. It’s the surest way of getting a ring that fits perfectly.

Visualize How It Will Look

You should also imagine how the jewelry will look during the big day. How will it complement your wedding band? Like other accessories, choosing a wedding ring that perfectly complements your wedding band dictates the success of the whole thing. So, don’t overlook this aspect. Start with your wedding band style. Then proceed to choose a ring that perfectly complements it. Remember, not all rigs allow flashy bands. So, consider the ring and the band as a full package.

Cut and Clarity Quality

Go to the lowest color diamond—it will definitely look colorless when set in your ring. It will save you money. Remember, there is a huge difference in terms of prices when it comes to J and S color. The same concept applies to clarity. So, try going for the lowest clarity diamond.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Well, vendors tend to exorbitantly mark engagement rings buying margins. In fact, others can go up to 400 percent. So, don’t just pull your trigger. Do some homework. Know the recommended prices. Be confident. Don’t be afraid to give a counter offer. A good vendor will give you something that is within your budget.

Go Wholesale

Working with non-traditional diamond retailers and wholesalers will eliminate unnecessary markups. Work with them in person. With this approach, you are able to get a piece of jewelry that suits your needs. This is not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Read Common Bridal Talks

Before purchasing your engagement ring, know what others are saying. Get to know their suggestions. Go to Pinterest. Get suggestions. You can also pump into Instagram and see what past bridals have been talking about. Try to know the best rings on the market. Establish the best-selling brands. Get hints from social media platforms. You can also go to Facebook forums dedicated to bridal rings.

Return or Insurance Policies

It’s also important to purchase your ring from a vendor with flexible return as well as insurance terms. Remember, a wedding ring is extremely important when it comes to the success of the day. So, doing it wrong will ruin everything. Plus, choosing a wrong ring can mess up everything. So, purchasing yours from a vendor with favorable return policies is only going to give you the peace of mind knowing that you can still get an alternative.

The Bottom-Line

The engagement ring you choose plays a big role when it comes to the success that big day. So, don’t just choose any ring. Be definite with your ring. The above are some of the things to keep in mind when purchasing your jewelry. From Carat size to buying from a certified vendor—these tips are sure to get you the best.

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