5 reasons for using Oil and Hard Wax Finishes on your floor

If you have a high-quality wood floor then you need to take care of it. This will help to ensure it lasts for years and is a cost-effective flooring solution. There are several products that can be used on your wood floor, regardless of whether it’s the latest herringbone flooring or more traditional planks. 

But, the best option is oil and hard wax. In fact, there are five great reasons why you should be using these compounds.

1. Preserves The Finish

Oil or hard wax can be applied to the floor and prevent the wood from being scuffed and worn. Without this covering the floor will soon become dull, especially if it’s in an area with heavy traffic flow. 

Applying hard wax or oil protects the top layer of the wood, helping to maintain the shine. All you have to do is reapply the wax or oil on a regular basis 

2. Change The Look

Oil and wax can be supplied in natural colors, allowing the normal color of your chosen wood to shine through. But, you can also get an array of tinted waxes and oils, allowing you to change the appearance of the floor.

If you don’t like it or want to change it again, you can sand the wood to remove the top coating ad apply a different color. In short, your floor can match the latest fashion trends.

3. Damp protection

If you out a lacquer top coating on your floor you’ll give it a shine. But, it won’t offer much protection to the wood. In contrast hard wax and oil soak into the wood, giving it a much greater level of protection. 

In fact, because they soak into the wood, they are much more effective at keeping damp and moisture out of the wood, even if you have accidental spills on the floor.

4. Fast Drying

Hard waxes and oils absorb and dry very quickly. That’s advantageous when applying them as it ensures the space is still available to be used.

There is little more frustrating than being unable to get into a room because the floor is taking days to dry.

5. Easy To Keep Clean

As well as protecting the wood, hard wax and oil can be much easier to clean than lacquered floors or unprotected floors. In general you can use a microfiber cloth to collect the dust from the floor and a damp mo to restore the shine.

If needed, you can even run a vacuum over the floor to ensure all the dirt and debris are removed. This process is more difficult and more likely to cause harm if the floor hasn’t been treated with hard wax or oil.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that applying the wax and oil is very simple. It’s something you can easily do yourself over the weekend. This makes it a cost-effective solution as well as being an essential part of owning hard wood floors.

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