5 Master Bedroom Decoration Trends to Watch in 2017

The first quarter of 2017 has come and gone and we were able to gauge from some of the new things we saw at the Maison et Objet and Salone Del Mobile design fair some of the major trends that should hit master bedrooms within the next year. Interesting changes are to be noted from some of the trends of 2016 while some remained. Here are some of the biggest master bedroom trends to watch in 2017.

Surrealism is In

While surrealism used to be reserved to selected collections in 2016, the trend should hit the mainstream in 2017. With major retail chains like The Guest Room Furniture Store offering their own spin on the trends, we should expect more master bedrooms to have at least some surrealist effects and accessories.  Be on the lookout for extravagant patterns, unusual tiling and outlandish and colorful statement pieces to be all the rage in 2017.

The Calculated “Mess”

Yes, in 2017, as weird as it may seem, messy seems to be the new chic. Carefully stacked rows of colorful books, asymmetrical lighting and a define attention to color arrangements will make even the messiest of rooms pop out.

Golden Accessories

One of the most redundant themes at this year’s Salone Del Mobile was the use of gold colored and sometimes gold plated accessories, nightstands in particular. Gold colored nightstands were also very popular at the Paris salon et Objet exhibition. One of the most outstanding pieces was Boca Do Lobo’s symphony nightstand.

Concrete Walls are Making a Comeback

Mixing concrete walls with vibrant and extravagant pieces seems to be the thing. The cold nature of concrete juxtaposed warm colors has a definite charm. We can expect many master bedroom designers to try to emulate the look in 2017.

Another trend that seems to follow in the same vein is grey on grey. Grey was very big this year, however it was the juxtaposition of different tones of grey with the addition of a few warm elements that caught our attention.

Industrial Look

While there have been many iterations in the past of the industrial master bedroom, 2017 should be its breakout year. Metallic fixtures, brick or tiled walls and a heavy use of various earth tones were very present in this year’s major design exhibitions, which seems to be the complete antithesis of the quintessential mid century all white look.

However, this doesn’t mean white is completely out of the frame. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen many all white rooms with vivid artwork this year. The trend has slowly been taking steam in the last few years, but should gain more traction in 2017.


If we were to put our money on it, we can expect surrealism and golden accessories to be the breakout trends this year. While the industrial look and concrete walls should also be somewhat popular in 2017, they aren’t as accessible and will probably only appeal to a certain niche of buyers.

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