5 Design Essentials for a Minimalist Kitchen

There are many compelling reasons why minimalism is becoming the kitchen design style of choice for a growing number of homeowners. Aside from the relaxing feel and satisfying aesthetics of a minimalist kitchen, it’s also more streamlined and organised, which makes cooking up your favourite meal infinitely easier.

There’s a fine line between a carefully curated minimalist kitchen and a clinical cooking appliance showroom. In other words, you want a clean design, but not too clean. At the same time, you don’t want to remove so many elements that your kitchen becomes less functional. If anything, the idea is to improve its functionality without adding more stuff. 

To help guide you on the right path, here are five design essentials for a minimalist kitchen.

Clever Kitchen Units

You can hide clutter and save a ton of space by placing kitchen units over your open shelves. Try opting for cabinets with high-gloss surfaces. Not only are they easier to clean, but their reflective surface also gives the illusion of more space. Ditch the typical hardware for push-to-open cabinets where possible.

Efficient Wine Rack

A key aspect of minimalist design is a focus on efficiency. In the kitchen, this means making the most out of every bit of space you have available, while still maintaining a balance between form and functionality. Start by finding efficiently designed wine racks or a wine cooler that suit the aesthetic of your kitchen.

For example, check out these products from a UK-based wine rack maker that offers a variety of clean and simple designs that make clever use of space to suit any kitchen. Choose between a wooden or metal rack depending on the rest of your kitchen furniture.

Sophisticated Lighting

In the early stages of your minimalist kitchen transformation, you may feel that the space lacks depth or character. Going too far can make it feel clinical and sterilised. Fortunately, a simple fix is to install new lighting. Flush mounts, pendants and chandeliers can completely transform your kitchen, giving it a lively and sophisticated feeling. 

Tonal Contrast

Continuing on the above point, adding contrast is extremely important. If everything is covered in a flush white surface, things can quickly start to look boring. Use contrasting elements such as metal or wood against white shaker cabinetry to add depth. Darker tones of wood work well in a space with less natural lighting and vice-versa. 

Complementary Display Items

Now that most of your equipment and kitchen tools are hidden, you have the freedom to liven up the space with some complementary display items. Take a look at the surrounding areas in your home to determine what will work best. Of course, your own tastes should also be part of the decision.

For instance, a few rose gold or copper items, such as salt and pepper shakers, work great in a modern minimalist kitchen. On the other hand, you can incorporate a more traditional look by using rustic items such as an earthy vase, candles and a wooden chopping board.

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily equate to boring. It’s all up to you and your creativity to create the best kitchen for your home. 

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