5 Creative Ways to Make a Bedroom More Minimalist

Are you trying to embrace simplicity and declutter your sleep environment? As you already know, clean space equals a clear mind and helps you concentrate on your well-being. Sometimes, it is not necessary to make big changes in order for a change to be noticeable, but simply adding neutral colours or getting rid of an item or two will do the trick. Check out our list below to find out what are the perfect ways to incorporate a trendy minimalist bedroom decor into your current bedroom design.

All White 

White is the colour which evokes the feeling of calmness. Instead of stuffing your bedroom with unnecessary accessories, opting for a neutral colour will breathe new life into your old room design. Apart from making the space visually larger, white colour scheme allows you to accentuate the colour of pillows, artwork or even type of wood you want to tie into the decor. For instance, the stark contrast between darker wood and white walls will definitely turn some heads.

Material Play

Soft, feminine materials such as silk, dress down the bedroom decor and make it more inviting. The neutral colour of a silk pillowcase will make the rest of the bedroom decor more prominent. Silk pillowcases are also great for preventing hair breakage and reducing the wrinkles on your face. Not only is silk beneficial for your skin and adds glow to your face, silk pillowcases go well with white bedroom decor and lend more freshness to the space. The combination of white decor, silver pillowcase and a black rug will never go out of style. 

Natural Approach

Minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean industrial bedroom design. As we already mentioned, even a small change can make a great impact and transform the bedroom look. A good start would be to choose stone, clay or wooden items instead of plastic or metal ones. Combining natural materials with scented candles adds a more rustic feel to the bedroom minimalism. Natural materials, a bit of greenery and scented candles give your room a more boho look, if that’s what you’re leaning towards.

Black Rug Area

Refresh the space with a black rug in the center of the room. If you are gravitating towards minimalism, it is probably best to keep strong, masculine colours that draw attention, on the floor. Airy and soft are two main characteristics of minimalism, which means the colour scheme shouldn’t be disrupted by dark colours. The colour balance in a photograph is what makes it beautiful. The same goes for bedrooms – a balanced colour scheme is what makes it more stylish and modern. With that being said, a colourful bedroom design is the main problem why bedrooms look too small or too claustrophobic. 

Simple Artwork

Even though you might be tempted to embellish the bedroom walls, one piece of artwork above the headboard is enough to show off your creativity. Simplicity is the keyword if you choose a minimalistic approach. Even a darker painting or a photograph can complement the darker colour of the rug and serve as a focal point. If you want it to look more futuristic, you can match your artwork with the pastel, neutral colours of your silk pillowcase.

First and foremost, a basic rule of minimalism is to declutter the space you sleep in. This will help you see what you actually need and what items you can easily get rid of. Does a clean space put your mind at ease? Do you think more positive in an organized space? Tell us how you managed to transform your old bedroom into a minimalist oasis in the comment section below.

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