5 Best Mattress Types To Use If You Have Sleeping Issues

To maintain good health and recharge the body, having a good night’s sleep is essential. Many factors may affect the needed rest, like temperature, stress, body type, and especially the mattress. 

While all other factors have a varying effect on your sleep, the mattress has more impact on your sleeping routine since it supports the whole body and provides proper alignment of the spine, joints, neck, and head. Finding the right mattress requires a considerable amount of knowledge and characteristics of each type. 

Finding The Right Mattress

Since there are many mattresses available across the market, you might be confused about the best one for you and your family. For example, an anti-snoring mattress, which is good for people who snore in their sleep, may be available in almost every mattress shop, but it’ll be difficult to make a decision on which brand or type to buy. 

To help you solve this problem, here are the best mattresses, together with their advantages and disadvantages, to help you solve different sleeping issues:

01. Memory Foam Mattress

The mattresses with memory foam features are one of the most popular types of mattress that helps people overcome sleeping issues. It’s designed to adapt to temperature and weight changes so the surface of the mattress will fit your body. 

The main advantage of memory foam is that it’ll provide you better sleeping position and support by molding its contour shape as you move when you’re sleeping. It can also help in relieving pain and movement absorption, relaxing your muscles even more. 

Meanwhile, the main drawback of memory foam mattresses will be its temperature sensitivity. Since it’s reliant on the body heat you emit when you sleep to contour its shape, the heat will be trapped inside the mattress, resulting in an extremely hot feeling during the night. 

02. Latex Mattress

The latex mattresses are one of the staples in bedding essentials. Since it’s made of rubber, the durability and toughness of latex mattresses are its selling factor. 

With a latex mattress, you’ll have the benefit of having bouncy and very firm support throughout your sleep. It can also help in managing and relieving back pains because the support and comfort are uniformly distributed all over the bed. 

The main disadvantage of latex mattresses will be its higher price, compared to other mattresses. Cheap latex mattresses are circling around the market that you must be careful of since there’s a high chance that the materials used for its manufacturing are not reliable. Lastly, the distinct disadvantages of latex mattresses are highly related to the user, like the firmness and prone to motion transfer.  

03. Innerspring Mattress

Made with individually enclosed coil springs for the support system, innerspring mattresses are the widely used mattress across the globe. Compared to other types of mattresses, the design of this mattress will last for years. It can also be top with different materials, like memory foam or latex, depending on your taste. 

The main advantage of innerspring will be its relatively low cost and helps relieve back pain because of its firm support. It’s also comfortable for any type of sleeping issue and great for overweight users since the coil springs provide more support and bounciness. 

The major drawbacks of innerspring mattresses vary from their manufacturing process and components. For example, some innerspring mattress may be hotter than memory foam mattresses or has much more motion transfer compared to a latex mattress.  

04. Air Mattress

When you hear the word air mattress, the first things that’ll come to your mind will be the blow-up design used for outdoors or when extra mattresses are needed to accommodate guests and other people. Technically, these all fall under the category of air mattress but it provides minimal to no comfort for its users. 

A high-end air mattress is usually used for people who have fractures or spinal cord injuries because it’s made of air chambers top with foam. Because the air molecules will be gently expanding or compressing whenever movement is applied, the design will provide comfort and even support throughout the mattress, without stressing the body.  

05. Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses are derived from the memory foam mattress. The function and its advantages are relatively the same as the memory foam mattress but with a cooling feature. The gel in the mattress diffuses heat, preventing it to be trapped inside the mattress. 

The major drawback of gel mattresses is the chemicals that it’s made of since it may be dangerous when directly exposed. 


Mattresses are crucial to have a good night’s sleep. Knowing the different types, pros, and cons of mattress will help you get the best one.

With all the recommendations and information mentioned above, always keep in mind that having enough rest together with the most comfortable mattress for you no matter what type it is will be the key to your best sleeping experience.

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