5 Best Document Collaboration Instruments in 2021

Every successful business is based on advanced team collaboration. Due to the pandemic, many companies pay attention to third parties that allow the teams to communicate with each other online without the need to call an extra meeting in the office. Documentation collaboration has proved to be a must-have tool for every team no matter what you do. You can share the notes during team meetings, work together to provide a perfect press release, write down your plans for the project, and build a strategy throughout the process.

Required Features

Before you decide on the tools you need the most, you have to learn the most popular features they provide. This way, you will know what to look for in every program. Although there are significant differences in the work of each company and team, there are basic features you might need:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface that can be easily learned by everyone;
  • The ability to share access to editing tools with everyone in the team;
  • The auto-save function is something you might need for shared documents;
  • Reliable and advanced search inside the program;
  • The possibility to leave comments in the documents;
  • Compatibility with other tools, including Slack;
  • Accessibility on mobile devices.

Top-5 Document Collaboration Tools Options

When you create the document you are going to share with your team, ensure all the tools are placed in front of you. Here are the most popular document collaboration software services in 2021. You can try each of them:

  1. ClickHelp. This is a splendid organizer and editing tool for the whole company. It provides you with access to all the features you might need. You can communicate with your team members in real-time in the document. It is not completely free of charge, but you can try it without paying anything for a 14-day trial period.
  2. Nuclino. This is a unified working space for everyone. Each team may create their own area inside it and share the docs. It offers the auto-save option and the ability to communicate inside the working space. It is compatible with over 40 apps.
  3. Google Docs. This program might be already familiar to you. You can share your documents free of charge once you register there. It has some limitations, but you can still leave notes and exchange Google Docs with each other.
  4. Zoho Docs. You need to have Zoho Office Suite to use this tool. It provides advanced editing services. You can contact your colleagues via the documents in real-time or in the built-in chat.
  5. OnlyOffice Docs. This is a part of a complete package of apps you might need for the business. You can try OnlyOffice’s other apps as well since they are compatible. It is free of charge. You receive total control over the content you create and share.

Choose Your Must-Have Tool

You can try all the programs recommended above. Almost all of them have a free trial period, so you may check out their benefits and decide which one is the most suitable for your work. Choose the one you need the most and use it to the fullest.

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