5 Amazing Iterations of Love in the History of Art

Love is a wonderful and amazing feeling, described in numerous literary works: poems, stories, novels. But this theme can be seen not only in literature but also in different art creations located in different corners of the Earth. This is a feeling that inspired more than one creative person to create their masterpieces. Many artists tried to perpetuate love in their works. In this article, we will tell you about the most unusual works of art dedicated to the wonderful feeling of love.

1.     The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

All the works of Klimt are saturated with eroticism. The artist himself was never married but had countless affairs. It is known that he had from three to forty children. After the death of Klimt, 14 people wanted his inheritance, claiming that the artist was their father. The Kiss is one of the most romantic paintings in the world. The man and woman merged into one golden figure, which, according to the statement of some art historians, resembles a phallic symbol. The ornament on clothes also bears a symbolic character: strict, geometric in men and soft, rounded in women. The man, taking the face of his beloved and kissing her, embodies the active dominant force. 

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2.     Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne, Amedeo Modigliani

Coconut – that’s how friends of Modigliani Jeanne Hebuterne called her for the bright contrast of white skin and brown hair. The love story of Jeanne and Amadeo is both beautiful and tragic. Thirty-three-year-old brawler Modigliani met with a talented student-artist Jeanne Hebuterne when she was only twenty. Ignoring parents’ ban on a relationship with him, Jeanne becomes a lover and muse of Modigliani, passes with him through poverty and years of Amedeo’s serious illness, forgives him insults and rudeness, gives birth to a daughter from him. Jeanne died, jumping out of the window of her parents’ house. This was the day after Modigliani’s death.

3.     Kiss Sculpture, Auguste Rodin

Kiss is a marble sculpture created by the eminent French sculptor Auguste Rodin in 1889. The author was inspired by the sad story of Paolo and Francesca, characters from the legendary work of Dante Alighieri “The Divine Comedy.” The lovers were killed by Francesca’s husband who suddenly caught young people when a guy and a girl, charmed by each other, first kissed.

4.     Girl on the Ball and Woman with Pears, Pablo Picasso

The artwork Girl on the Ball was called the most famous work of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso by art critics. The famous creation of the artist owes its appearance to Fernande Olivier. She was his first big love. Fernande met the artist when they were both 23 years old. At that time, Picasso was poor and not known to anyone. At first, Olivier became his model and then muse. She inspired the creator to paint more than sixty paintings, which appear in a variety of images. But the painting Woman with Pears is considered the brightest collaboration although, in the picture, Fernande looks not at all elegantly. She looks like a massive sculpture carved from wood than a slim and sophisticated woman.

5.     Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, Antonio Canova

Venus envied the beauty of Psyche. She made the girl go down to the underworlds for getting a vessel of beauty that couldn’t be looked at. Psyche couldn’t resist and looked at the vessel, after which she was put to sleep. Only Cupid, coming from the sky, kissed Psyche and brought her back to life. 

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