5 Advice On Overcoming The Crisis Of Moving

Having to move is a big chunk of stress to swallow. It is ranked as one of the most stressful life events. Although we do tend to telescope our problems when they have happened recently and some of the studies usually cited might not be as reliable, but that is not to say that moving doesn’t impose a tremendous amount of stress. 

On the other hand, like in many challenging situations, there is much to learn from these experiences. Undoubtedly, the emotional part of moving is a lot more difficult than the physical exertion, so anything you learn to make it easier on you is time well spent. 

1. Do Away With Clutter

If you know how to handle clutter in your life, you are already way ahead of others that carry a tremendous amount of baggage through life. The clutter in one’s house is representative of the mess in their head, it is a reflection of their anxieties and self-neglect. 

This comes with avoiding painful experiences and passivity, which has to do with moving as well. We tend to wait until the last minute because we don’t feel ready to face the change that’s about to occur or we don’t know how or where to start sorting ourselves. 

Ideally, decluttering in small portions on the regular or simply taking time before moving to go through and get rid of unnecessary items will make everything much easier on you later on.

2. Think Of How You’re Going To Move

Here’s some professional advice on the practical side of moving. According to Removals Sunshine Coast, it will usually take one person about 25 hours for a 300m² to pack and roughly 35 hours to unpack. Which is why it is highly suggested that you decide on how you’re going to manage it first.  

You need to know if you’re hiring professionals to do the job, or should you ask some friends to hop in and help, or how much time are you going to need if dealing with it alone. This is to take the unnecessary stress load off your chest. 

3. Start Small

It is always best to start with small tasks. The greater the pressure, the smaller the tasks. We tend to get paralyzed when having to deal with what seems are insurmountable problems. We don’t know how to tackle them because they extend way beyond our ability to plan ahead. 

So what you do is you think of the smallest step you can take. If not ‘what can I do today?’, then ‘what can I do this morning?’. If not even that, then ‘what can I do in the next hour, half an hour, ten minutes’… Soon enough, you’ll gain control and feel more ready to tackle the task ahead.

4. Don’t Delay the Decision

Poor time management is one of the major causes of moving stress. You’re going to experience stress one way or another, but a good way of minimizing would be allowing yourself enough time to get everything done. It’s vital that you think on your feet and issues are dealt with quickly.

So you probably have somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks to organize everything. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done and deal with one thing at a time. You will have accomplished a lot more than you would with disorganized thoughts just popping up in your mind. 

Deciding right away on what you’re about to do is crucial both practically and emotionally, as the stress is much less likely to exhaust you and make you avoidant. 

5. Allow Yourself To Be Emotional

Tips to not stress out during moving

Finally, don’t hold back on your emotions. It is perfectly alright to feel sad, frustrated or frightened. Whatever the reason, you are anxious when faced with the uncertainty of the unknown. That is a part of every transitioning process. But that is a part of renewal as well. 

Change hurts because we have to let go of the past and we’re uncertain of what the future may hold, but focusing on the potential of future to bring good fortune, different opportunities, memories, and possibilities truly helps. 

So don’t be afraid of that next step, think of it as a challenge that is not there just to oversaturate you with stress, but to help you grow as a person. 

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