4 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring and Ensure Its Health

For much of the country, we’re coming out of the deep freeze of winter. Spring is truly in the air, and along with that, there’s the excitement that soon it will be time to enjoy the great outdoors and your yard once again. Of course, spring is also an essential time when it comes to lawn maintenance, as what you do now will affect how healthy and lush it stays until late fall. Here are four ways in which you can prepare your spring lawn.

Time to Give It a Good Raking

For those who get snow and ice over the winter, your lawn becomes quite compacted and pressed down. This is an excellent time to start fluffing it up by giving it a good raking. You aren’t simply raking away leaves and debris, rather you are helping the blades of grass to detach from one another and ensure that snow mold isn’t present. Raking the grass will also make it easier for water to get into the soil and roots, plus it allows the air to reach the roots.

You May Want to Go Ahead and Aerate

Another popular maintenance job in the spring is to aerate your lawn. This involves using a machine that pokes holes in the soil and pulls them up like a plug. The purpose of aeration is to allow for the maximum amount of air and water to reach into the roots. This will promote healthy, lush, and thick growth. You can rent an aeration machine and do it yourself, or have someone else come out and do it for you. 

On the flip side, if your lawn is prone to weeds, aeration may not be a good idea. The holes you are creating can be filled by weeds, which is the opposite of what you want to do. Ideally, you want to aerate before they start to seed.

Your Lawn Needs Food

After a long cold winter, your lawn will be in need of food and nutrients, which is why fertilizer is important in the spring. There are a few different routes you can take with fertilizer – just be sure that whatever you pick, you read the directions carefully and don’t overdo it. Too much fertilizer will actually burn and destroy your lawn.

Seed, Seed, Seed, You Cannot Overdo It

When it comes to seeding, you really can’t go wrong, as spring is the perfect time to over-seed. What this means is that anytime you think you may have seeded too much, go ahead and apply more. The idea is that you want to fill in any bare spots that have happened over winter, and ensure that the grass is able to grow in thick. The thicker your grass, the less of a weed problem you will have. To make life really easy and convenient you can buy grass seed online and have it shipped right to your house. Just be sure you’re watering the seed on a regular basis to give it a good start.

All of these jobs will help ensure that your spring lawn comes in beautiful and lush and gets a great healthy start.

Freelance writer, Delicia Warren, is passionate about the environment and the impact humans are having on the world around us. She’s an advocate of holistic approaches to life’s issues, including alternative medicines, as well as having an interest in helping individuals make small changes to their lifestyles to minimize their carbon footprint. 

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