4 Tips on Carpet Care

If you’ve recently spruced up your living space, having new carpets put in might have been part of your home improvement project. There’s nothing better than sinking your toes into a fresh, fluffy carpet as walk across the room, so it’s important to do everything you can to make sure your carpets stay in great shape for as long as possible. While time will eventually get the best of your carpets, they can last for years if you take care of them properly, and here are four useful tips to help you do just that. 

1. No Shoes

If you want to reduce the dirt that is getting dragged across your carpets, the best way to do this is to take off your shoes when you come into the house. Ask your guests if they wouldn’t mind doing this as well; otherwise, they could end up walking a lot of mud, dirt, and dust across your carpet, which will get caught in the fibers making it look dull and dirty. Even with regular cleaning, if people wear outdoor shoes on your carpets all the time, eventually that dirt will stick. Additionally, outdoor shoes might be harsher on your carpets than soft slippers, as they have been designed to withstand rougher terrain. 

2. Vacuum Regularly

If you want to live in a comfortable, healthy living environment, regular cleaning and doing household chores is a must. Your carpets will also benefit from this routine, and you should aim to vacuum your carpets at least once or twice a week. This will help to lift out the dust and dirt that’s caught in the fibers before they get too stuck into your carpet. Pay extra close attention to the areas of your carpet that receive the most foot traffic, such as around the couch, doorways, around the coffee table, etc. 

3. Professional Cleaning

While vacuuming your carpet each week will do a lot to help it stay in good condition, having it deep cleaned once a year is worth it. Professional steam cleaning of your carpets will help to lift tougher bits of dirt that have been trodden into your carpet and will leave them looking and feeling fresh to the touch. A lot of professional carpet cleaning services can also provide anti-bacterial treatments that are safe for children and pets, which is ideal for homes that might have little ones crawling around! 

4. Stain Remover

Occasionally, things will get dropped or spilled on your carpets that can leave stains. If you want your floors to stay looking as immaculate as possible, act quickly when there has been a spill. Make sure you always have quality stain remover at home in case of emergency, or you can try making some yourself if you’d prefer. Apply the stain removers according to instructions as soon as possible to the spill, and this should stop your carpets from becoming blemished.

If you want your new carpets to stay looking beautiful and feeling cozy for as long as possible, use these four tips for carpet care and see how they can help. 

Alec Neufeld’s extensive background in the construction trade fuels his passion for alternative energy and green building methods. A retired builder, he now enjoys a freelance writing career, alongside helping people as a general contractor.

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