4 Tips for Staying Independent As You Age

It’s something most of us avoid thinking about, but it’s an important fact of life. We will age, and our independence and abilities will be impacted by our bodies changing. But it’s not all hopeless, there are so many things you can do to help ensure you’re as independent as possible. From making sensible changes to your home so you can age at home, to taking care of your mind, keeping active and investing in your social life. If you’d like to learn more about staying independent as you age, keep reading to learn more.

1. Upgrade Your Home

Many people prefer to age at home as it’s more comfortable being somewhere you know and with your community nearby. There may be a few changes that you might want to consider making to your home to make it more accessible and more secure as your abilities change. There are so many small adjustments you can make that will make a big difference to your comfort. Age Co Mobility have a number of products such as accessible baths and showers, stairlifts, even home lifts that allow you to live in your own home no matter the layout or configuration. When you install a homelift it can be quite an investment, however it is a lot more affordable than moving properties and allows you to remain in the place where you’re most comfortable.

2. Keep Your Mind Busy
It’s important that you keep your mind busy so that you keep sharp as the years pass by. You can read books, enroll in courses either online or in person, or even volunteer to keep yourself active in the community. While being retired can be a lovely stage of life, for most people it’s important to keep up the mental stimulation too. You can find hobbies that help keep you engaged mentally such as puzzles, sudoku, knitting or even learning a new language.

3. Move Your Body
As we get older, it can be harder to move around or even painful. It’s important to keep active as it will help ensure that your bones are strong, that your muscles are healthy and it will help protect you against injury. How active you are will obviously depend on your lifestyle and goals, but if you’re not currently exercising it can be a great idea to introduce some low impact exercise into your life. Things such as swimming, yoga, cycling or even just walking can be great ways to get exercise in your life in a low risk and manageable way.

4. Have an Active Social Life
Relationships are such an important part of life, but it can be harder to be social as we age and some of our friends and family sadly pass away. Without work and colleagues it can feel like a bit more effort to make and maintain friendships. One of the best ways to have an active social life during retirement is to either join a club, or to start volunteering. You can casually volunteer even just once a week, but it can be a great way to give back, meet new people and to ensure you’re being social. If you have grandchildren and you’re able to, why not offer to babysit them once a week to invest in those relationships and to keep yourself busy. 

Aging can be a really enjoyable process if you set things up properly so you can age at home. Focusing on keeping your mind sharp, your body mobile, and your social life bustling will help ensure you’re feeling your best as the years pass by.

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