4 Simple Tips for a Family Dining Room

Mealtimes should be some of the highlights of your family routine. From breakfast before school to the whole family coming back together at dinnertime and those special occasions like holidays and birthdays, meals are a chance to come together and share feelings and experiences. Every family should have a place where they can enjoy food and drink and reconnect after time apart, and for many, that place is the dining room. Whether you are redesigning or starting from scratch, here are four simple tips to help you create a family dining room you will enjoy for many years to come.

Settle on a style

The first choice you need to make is what aesthetic or style you want to use in your dining room design. If you do not settle on a style, you may find it difficult to keep your furniture and décor choices consistent and might end up with a mismatched space. For example, you might like the idea of a traditional dining room with classic furniture, wooden finishes, and a countryside cottage feel. Alternatively, you might prefer a more modern and minimalist style with steel, glass, or concrete and just a few design features. Think about the colors you like, the lighting you will install, and any table centers you might display. 

Think about practicality 

In addition to style and aesthetic, your dining room needs to be fit for purpose and be practical. This will be largely down to the layout and your choice of dining room furniture. All family members need to be able to sit at the table without feeling squeezed by a wall, but the table also needs to be big enough for you to put your food and drinks out. The table will need cleaning regularly, and you should consider the safety issues around items like glass tables or sharp edges and corners. Will the table suit your family for many years to come? 

The chairs that you choose should be comfortable but also relatively easy to clean and high enough for all your children (although some smaller children may always need a booster). Some people opt for benches rather than individual chairs, but this is not the most flexible of options. 

Prepare for additional guests

Will additional chairs be needed on special occasions? If you enjoy entertaining guests regularly, it may be worth investing in additional chairs that can be placed at the side of the room when not in use. If your family is quite small, but you plan on hosting several guests, an extendable table that can be adjusted as required is a great solution.

Bring in the personal items and accessories  

Finally, when you have your design and big furniture items in place, it is important to personalize the space. It is, after all, a room for your family to enjoy, so it should reflect your family’s personality and memories. Choose some photographs or examples of artwork by the children that mean a lot to you and display them in beautiful frames. Remember that a little goes a long way, however, and too many pieces will make the room feel cluttered. You should also express your personality in your tableware and centerpieces such as candlesticks, vases, and placemats. 

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