4 Simple Steps To A Complete Garage Makeover

The majority of houses in Australia have at least one garage. In fact, many newer homes have garages that can accommodate two or even three cars. However, despite the fact that homes have garages, many homeowners don’t park their vehicles in them. Instead, they become a storage space where all sorts of items are kept.

If that sounds like your garage then you need to start considering a garage makeover. In just four simple steps you can transform your garage into a useful space again.

  1. Decide The Goal

Before you can transform your garage you need to know what you are transforming it into. You can simply clear it and make a space for your car to park. However, you may prefer to create a workshop, office, gym, or even an extra bedroom.

The key at this stage is to know what you want from your garage, this will allow you to move to the next step.

  • Create A Plan

Once you know what you want you’re going to need a plan. At the simple end of the plan, you will need to remove everything from the garage. This will allow you to work in there. Much of the stuff in the garage is likely to be clutter and should be discarded.

Take your time sorting it and eliminate what you can.

It’s also a good idea to draw a diagram of what the space will look like when you’ve finished, it makes it easier to do when you know what you want to change.

At this stage, it’s a good idea to speak to a reputable specialist in garage renovation. They can help you create a viable plan, talk you through any planning requirements, and they will undertake the work for you, removing all the stress and hassle associated with a garage makeover. It’s a good idea.

  • Floor & Walls

If you’re determined to do it your self then the next step is to address the floor and walls. You should note walls includes doors. If you’re converting the garage that means bricking up the garage door and putting windows and, if necessary a door there.

You’ll then want to paint the walls. Or, if they are brick, dryline them first.

The floor should be simpler. It is likely to be concrete, allowing you to tile directly over it. Of course, if you’re keeping the garage as a garage you’ll want to paint or epoxy the floor.

  • Electrics & Furnishings

To finish your makeover you’ll need to make sure the existing electrics are extended around the space, giving you power where you need it.

It is possible to do electrics before the dryline, helping them to be hidden. But, there is no harm in having trunking on the walls   – the choice is yours.

To finish, you can add the cupboards or other furniture you want and then step back to admire your work.

Although the steps are simple it is a lot of work to undertake a complete garage makeover, that’s why many people let the professionals handle it for them.

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