4 Life-Changing Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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Small spaces are more affordable to maintain than larger ones, but they can feel claustrophobic if you’re not careful. Here’s what you want to consider: just because a space is small—or large—doesn’t mean that such an impression is what someone will feel when they enter. Have you ever been inside a department store that’s closing?

Kmart is on the way out; by the time you read this, the Walmart competitor may no longer exist—depending on your region, of course. Well, if you’re in a town where they’re doing a closing sale, check out the premises. When they start taking down partitions, getting rid of wares, and opening up space, it becomes astonishingly small, even though it hasn’t changed.

Why is this? Well, before they deconstruct the interior, varying displays break up sightlines. Psychologically, the mind must process more items in a space when there are more things to process. Accordingly, how a room is filled does much to determine how “big” or “little” it feels. So if you’re in a small space, keeping it bare will make it feel smaller. However, cluttering it up too much doesn’t help. There’s a happy medium where sightlines are broken and the feeling of space is maximized.If you’re living in a small space, or you work in one, adding a few key touches can revitalize that space, and make it feel much larger than it is. Also, if you’re smart enough, you can make it more usable as well. The following are four strategies to this end that, if you haven’t considered previously, you might want to.

1. Mirrors, Pictures, Windows, And Walls

Mirrors refract light in a space, but they also reflect the image opposite them in a way that makes it appear there is more space than there is. This is especially true for a person’s periphery. When you’ve got mirrors wrapping a space, your peripheral vision picks that up, and there’s a sense of largeness in the back of your mind.

So if you’ve got a small kitchen, add a mirrored backsplash behind the sink, and put a few mirrors on the cabinets. If you’ve got a bathroom with a vanity mirror, look into getting some more mirrors for the walls. The same is true of bedrooms and living rooms. You don’t want to overdo it—but then again, you may want to; depending on the space.

With services like PPH Sydney picture hanging, pictures have a similar effect for a different reason. Think of pictures, posters, and other works of art as windows you can move. A tiny room with pictures strategically placed on the walls may be a place you want to dwell for a long time as you examine the varying artworks you’ve used to decorate it. Something else you can do with a partition is to add walls where there were none. A 200 square-foot room can be made into four 50 square-foot rooms with partitions. These partitions can be used as decorative walls on which can be hung pictures and mirrors to compound the feeling of largeness in the tiny space.

2. Wallpapers, Lighting, And Decorative Arrangements

As pictures and mirrors ultimately increase the psychological perception of space in a room, so do wallpapers. Now, you want to color coordinate to match the sort of décor with which you’re most enamored. That said, there are plenty of options to pursue. Just don’t do unbroken white if you’re looking to maximize small space.

An interesting pattern is a good idea, but you don’t want to be too ostentatious with it. Think of it like this: solid colors are fine for formal wear, but plaid hurts the eyes; unless it’s done right. There is a place for plaid wallpaper, but it’s hard to imagine off the top of the mind what that is. Perhaps proper lighting may make such a wallpaper scheme considerable for your space.

Lighting is a big deal in small spaces. Too much harsh light makes a space feel small—think of the padded rooms for those with mental issues in Hollywood’s idea of a mental institution. By contrast, soft light that doesn’t overpower a room makes it feel inviting and larger than it is. That light can be spread through mirrors, enhanced by wallpaper, or complementary to décor. In such a way, a dorm room smaller than a padded cell may feel ten times larger.Decorative arrangements across walls and even ceilings do much to enhance a space. Have you ever been to a restaurant where a model train runs along the top of the room on some scale railroads? Well, that may or may not fit your space; but thinking along these lines can open you up to many possibilities. If not a model train, what about some sort of vine?

3. Vertical Storage, Foliage

Something else that enhances small spaces is the elimination of unnecessary clutter. Clutter makes even large spaces feel tiny. You want to store your belongings strategically, and finding means of doing so vertically makes a lot of sense. This could be done as simply as securing a net into which plush stuffed animals go, or installing some cabinets—more on that later.In terms of foliage, plants generally make interior spaces feel larger. For one thing, they give the mind something to think about on a subconscious level. For another, they purify stale air and leave behind fine aromas. Lastly, plants are usually outdoors, so when you encounter them inside, they tend to work in a way that reminds you of nature.

4. Master Bedroom  Style

When it comes to decorating a bedroom that is not spacious, stick to the basics. The bedroom should not have too many details as they know how to make the room visually smaller. For the room to be best used visually and practically, the most important thing is to choose the right bed. Choose the bed that will make you feel like a king. Simple design and comfortable mattress should do the trick.  To know what works best for you we suggest to do research  on the best firm mattresses.  Another thing to consider is instead of standard nightstands try shales that could take much less space and will give  room a more stylish look. 

Simple Things Make Small Spaces Feel Positively Royal

There are many different ideas on the best ways to make a small space feel large. RTA cabinets, installation of stylish cabinets in general, wallpaper, the lighting of a room, coloration of that room, mirrors, partitions, vertical storage, strategic décor, and pictures on the wall will do much to enhance how big a small room feels. Lastly, approach interior décor with an idea that everything has a specific place. You shouldn’t have any space left unused.

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