4 Ideas for Transforming Your Bathroom

The bathroom is somewhere where we spend a lot of our time period particularly if you love baths. It’s only natural to look around sometimes and want to transform it a little. However, wanting to transform your bathroom and actually having the means to do it are two very different things. 

Many people find themselves wanting to switch things up, however, they don’t have the budget to renovate their bathroom. The great news is that there are ways to upgrade your bathroom and transform it without having to spend an arm and a leg. Take a look at some of the best ideas for breathing new life into the place known as your bathroom.

Add New Fixtures

Adding new fixtures to your bathroom can make a world of difference, and browsing through a variety of bathroom products Melbourne has to offer can be a great starting point for your transformation journey. A little bling-bling never hurt anybody, so why not inject a little Hollywood glam? You can add new faucets, doorknobs, and even a new bathtub stopper. The idea is to make everything look new, without the price tag associated with the full-fledged bathroom remodel.

Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

Do you find yourself feeling like you look rather tired in the mornings when you look in the mirror? It could be because your bathroom is painted a dark or lifeless color. Instead of embracing the darkness, why not go towards the light? Give your bathroom a fresh coat of a lighter color, and you might just find that it breathes an entirely new feeling into the place where you get ready every morning. 

Besides making you feel more upbeat, lighter colors can also make a room look much bigger. If you’re working with limited space in your bathroom, then introducing a lighter color may be a wonderful and practical fix.

Add a New Mirror

Is your mirror full of stains, and not making you look your best? Perhaps it’s small and limiting the amount of yourself that you can see. One of the best ways to make your bathroom feel brand new is to install a new mirror. Remember, the bigger the better. 

Although mirrors can cost you a pretty penny, there are ways to cut back the price. Consider buying second-hand, or shopping at an affordable furniture store like IKEA. If you’re feeling extra motivated, why only add one mirror? Why not add two or three? You’ll reflect more light, and multiply the size that your bathroom feels.

Add Plants

If your bathroom is light enough, then bring on nature. Adding plants to your bathroom is a fantastic way to give bath time an exotic feel while also adding a little more oxygen to the room. What’s more, if you have a moisture problem in your bathroom, then a plant can absorb some of that moisture and prevent the buildup of mildew. In other words, everyone wins!

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