3 Tips For Being a More Active Family

If you’re wanting to figure out ways to be more active with your family, then chances are that you’re looking for some low cost activities that are fun. When planning ways to be more active with your family, you’re going to want to find things that are at the ability level of all family members or you’ll need to find ways to adapt them so they work. For example if you have kids that are too young to ride a bicycle, you may want to look into buying them a balance bicycle or getting a seat for your bicycle. If you’re wanting to find easy ways to be more active with your family, keep reading for my top 3 tips.

1. Get Scooters
Scooters can be such a great way to be more active as a family. I love Stunt Scooters because they’re so easy to take out and about with you. If you’d like to head out a little further, why not take them on public transport or lump them into your boot and go somewhere new to explore. All you need is some flat concrete and a little bit of energy. The good news is that when kids can confidently walk, around the age of two, they can start to learn how to use a scooter. If your kids are a bit young, or not confident yet, you can sometimes get an attachment for younger rides to ride with a parent. It allows them to stand a little taller so they can hold onto the handlebars while the parent operates the scooter.

2. Rising Early
It’s true what they say – the early bird gets the worm. If you’re getting up late, slow out the door and taking a while to get your day organized, especially with kids, you’ll miss out on the best parts of the day. You’ll also have a limited time for being active together which will limit what you can do. Try to get up early on the weekends, so you have enough time to do some fun activities.  I find it healthy to prepare the night before, things such as snacks, outfits or anything in particular we’ll need for the day ahead. That makes it much easier to get out days started and to maximize our time ahead.

3. Pay Attention to Your Friends
Whoever you spend the majority of your time with is going to have a really big impact on your life. For that reason, if your family friends are not very active and spend their free time watching TV and eating out, you’re probably not going to be inspired to be so active. So why not find some friends who have hobbies like hiking, playing sports, cycling, scooting, and exploring all the natural beauty around you. If you don’t have friends that are active, why not go out of your way to find them? You can look on Facebook meetup groups, or explore what kind of active community there is in your church, your children’s school or even your workplace.

Being an active family is a great gift to give your children, not only does it mean lots of time exploring and enjoying nature, but it means you’ll show them how to have healthy balance in their lives. Hopefully these three tips inspire you to get active with your kids and help them develop habits that will last a lifetime.

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