3-in-1 Tube Stand

There are plenty of standing stand on the market today but most of them are pretty stationary, heavy and expensive. The 3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube (patent pending) fits in an aircraft grade anodized aluminum tube that comes in weighing less than a pound. The ultra portability of this product can be set up in less than a minute allowing you to work standing, sitting or just typing.

The multiple adjustable legs (made from high tensile strength fiberglass) allow you to configure the stand in a stand up mode, a sitting mode and a typing mode (portrait or landscape mode with or without cases). Each mode gives the proper viewing angle and height alleviating cricks in necks and back pain.

Works great with MacBooks, iPads and virtually any laptop or tablet no matter what the weight.

Already at over 500% of its goal – available now Kickstarter starting at $35.

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