2019 Interior Design Trends: 7 Minimalist Ideas To Try Out

The idea behind minimalism has something to do with the “less is more” slogan. Well, if you have a minimalist state of mind, you always want simplification in all aspects of your life. From focusing on what’s only necessary for your living room, to keeping your space neat and organized, you undoubtedly have a minimalist style of decorating.

Here are seven minimalist interior design ideas to try out this 2019. 

1. Declutter

Being a minimalist means you have to declutter and organize. Take a look at all your items and identify which among them should be displayed on the tables and shelves, and which should be placed inside the cabinets. After all, your goal is to eliminate clutter so you’ll be left with the important ones that provide a positive impact on your home. 

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2 Make use of accent decorations

If you want to add art, try to choose one that will serve as your focal decoration rather than putting layers of small ones. This will be a perfect combination with a piece of furniture in your living room. For example, you can place a beautiful painting at the top of the couch to make it as the center of attraction. 

If you’re looking for a place where you can apply your minimalist interior design ideas, there are many houses in Brantfordto choose from. These houses, for instance, provide you the opportunity to play around with your decorations without violating the concept of minimalism in home interior designing. 

3. Let the natural light pour in

Instead of adding light fixtures to make your home more refreshing, why not leave your windows unembellished and allow natural light to go through inside your space. This will surely give your home a minimalist style that you want to have this year. 

If you have concerns about privacy, you can use blinds or a thin curtain to dress up your windows without blocking the lights in. By doing it, you’ll surely get the most out of the aesthetic value of your room with fewer items onboard. 

4. Maintain the space with simple objects

A minimalist way of decorating focuses on using simple objects to make a home more relaxing. For example, your living room doesn’t have to be filled with unnecessary artworks and other items around it. It’s enough to have colorful throw pillows or a beautiful painting on the wall to stand out. The lesser items you have, the more it catches the eyes of anyone who sees it. 

5. Select a neutral color scheme

Painting your house with too many colors doesn’t make it feel organized and clutter-free. Instead of playing around with color combinations, a minimalist style of interior designs only sticks with neutral colors like beige or white. Moreover, you can also opt to partner it with a muted grey couch as your primary piece of furniture. These paint colors, for instance, are the trendy colors for a minimalist interior design to try out this year. 

6. Plan out your storage

If you have a minimalist designing style, you more likely don’t like spaces that are filled with clutter. However, your daily life requires you to use objects which you end up leaving in random places inside your house such as the kitchen counter, entryway, or dining table. 

If you’re looking for a minimalist approach in home design, consider planning out your storage and develop your storage habits. If you usually use the entryway to place random things, it’s a good idea to have a box as your storage. Not only that but you can make use of other options like a multi-purpose box storage or even furniture pieces that have storages in them which is a furniture trend this year. 

For example, you can go for a lamp table with a small cabinet at the bottom. With that kind of piece, you’ll not only use to display your lamp but you can also use the cabinet at the bottom for storing small items. You just need to practice that habit of putting things in their proper places and by doing it, your space will be free from clutter. 

7. Opt for clean lines and flat surfaces. 

Furnitures and other decors should display clean lines and flat surfaces. It’s one way of eliminating unnecessary objects that affect the simplicity of your furniture pieces. For example, removing the handles of your cabinets and drawers to show clean and defined lines is a common way of achieving a minimalist decorating style. 


Keeping these interior design trends in mind this 2019, you already have a better idea of how minimalist décor works. With a little planning and preparation, reinventing your home through minimalist style will be more beneficialthan you think. So, start organizing what you have and get ready to breath fresh air not just into your home but into your mind as well. 

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