10 Funky Accessories For Your Living Room

Without furniture, a house looks pretty empty. However, even if you fill your place with beds, sofas, televisions, etc., you can still have trouble making the place feel like a home. That’s because it’s the little things that really give each room some personality and make it come alive.

What extra touches you choose to decorate your place with is entirely up to you. If you want a bit more razzle-dazzle – particularly in your living room – though, then you might want to consider buying some of these funky accessories. They could be exactly what you need to add a splash of character to your main room.

Decorative Vase

If you want your home to be inviting, flowers are the perfect thing to utilize. Greenery always manages to lighten up a space and make it seem fresher, which is what you want for somewhere like your living room. What good are flowers if you don’t have a beautiful vase to put them in, though?

There’s no need to opt for something ordinary when you can go for a vase that’s even more eye-catching than what it contains. There’s a wide range of decorative vases out there that can do a lot to beautify your living area and give the space more personality. It’s worth finding something you really love to look at, too, because that vase is going to last a lot longer than any flowers.

Colourful Coasters

Anyone who cares about keeping their tables free from ring stains is likely to already have a set of coasters in their home. However, do said coasters add anything to the décor, or do they simply blend in with everything else? Given that these things aren’t always covered up by glasses, it’s worth investing in a set that adds a pop of colour to the surroundings. They’re only small, so a few colourful coasters here and there aren’t going to overpower the room. They’ll simply provide a little excitement to what might otherwise be a fairly ordinary table.

Geometric Rug

Depending on how you’ve decorated your living room, there may or may not be a lot of empty space on your floor. If you do find that some parts of the room are empty, a good way to fill them up is to lay down a rug. The busier it is, the less noticeable the open space becomes. Geometric rugs are great, particularly if you get one that’s relatively colourful. Blocks of blue, red, and yellow can help light up the room and make everything feel brighter and more optimistic. Then again, if your flooring is already quite eye-catching, something on the darker side can tone things down and stop the colour from overwhelming the space. 

Fruity Reed Diffuser

You have five senses all desperate for stimulation, so why only buy living room accessories that are easy on the eye? Something that’s kind to your sense of smell is just as important, which is why a fruity reed diffuser is worth buying. What you go for depends on what aromas you enjoy, but one that could work wonders for you is this Blueberry & Grape reed diffuser. Boasting an intense but sweet natural fragrance made with quality raw materials, it’s the perfect antidote to help you relax when you’re stressed. Stick this in the corner of your living area and you’ll be eager to fill the rest of your home with soothing scents in no time.

Contemporary Mirror

If there’s a lot of wall space in your living room, it’s vital that you find decorations to cover it. Otherwise, all that blank space is going to make the room appear far emptier than it actually is. You can cover it up with paintings and photographs, but we’d also suggest hanging up a contemporary mirror. You can find plenty of mirrors that serve their intended purpose while also offering an eye-catching and remarkably expressive design. These wall accessories are essentially works of art that embody the concept of funky to a T.

Indoor Lanterns

Candles are an excellent addition to any home, especially if you want to make things cosy. However, on their own, these accessories can sometimes be a tad boring. That’s why buying some indoor lanterns to contain them is a must. Normally, you’d see these kinds of things hanging in gardens or being used to light dark pathways in TV shows. They’re just as effective in your living room, though, with their wooden structure adding a nice rustic touch to your décor. Whether you hang them up or sit them on a table, they’ll bring a nice dash of character to your home, especially if your interior design is more on the modern side.

Inventive Bookends

Whether you’re a bookworm or not, chances are that you at least have a few books in your home that are worth displaying. Rather than restricting these to a bookshelf, why not display them on a mantlepiece or table somewhere in your living room? Not only does it show guests what literary texts you like to indulge in, but it also gives you an opportunity to buy some creative bookends like these. From steampunk lamps and sparkling geodes to silhouettes galore, there are so many incredible options that are all the epitome of funky. These accessories might be small, but their inventive designs can inject a lot of personality into your living area.

Skeletal Clock

Thanks to smartphones, people don’t really need clocks to tell the time anymore. However, while that might be the case, the right clock can still really bring a room together, especially if you go for one with a skeletal design. These clocks are created without a back, so it’s only the basic outline that you actually see on your wall. Get one in a colour that really pops with the backdrop of your living room, and it can work as an excellent statement piece, regardless of whether you use it for its intended purpose or not. It can act as an impressive art piece that adds some intrigue to your décor. 

Funny Doorstops

Doorstops aren’t typically at the top of someone’s list when it comes to essential living room items. However, if you like to keep your entryways open in your house, they’re a great accessory to buy. Not only do they help to open up your house more, making it feel lighter and roomier, but they can also provide a nice injection of character to your living area. Obviously, a plain piece of wood won’t do much, but something like one of these doorsteps will ensure that the room never looks boring.

Shelving Units

Shelving units aren’t the most exciting thing to put up in your house. However, if you opt for something that’s more than just a plank of wood on a set of brackets, then you’ll find that they can actually be an excellent design choice. There are so many incredible options for funky shelves out there, some of which you can easily make yourself if you’re decent with a hammer and nails. Pick a good design, and the unit itself will add some personality to your walls, alongside whatever you choose to put on it.

Your living room is part of your home, so you should decorate it with the accessories that speak most to you. Hopefully, this selection has given you some good ideas on where to start, and maybe even shown you some things you never would have considered before.

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