10 Fun Activities to do in Your Garden

Gardens are one of those places where you can be close to Mother Nature, learn about different plants, and enjoy some fun outdoor play. It will always be a great investment to build a garden in your backyard, as it is the place where everyone bonds together. No matter the size of your garden or budget, there are tons of ways to tempt your family members outdoors, have them leave their screens for some time, and arrange fun garden activities in the fresh air! For that purpose, let’s have a look at the top 10 fun activities to do in your garden. 

  1. Make/Fly a Kite 

Flying a kite is the simplest and purest form of joy in the world. For a fun day in your garden, try making a kite with scratch and then fly it, high above in the sky. Witnessing your kite take different routes, amidst the cool breeze, is the most liberating feeling ever.

Even if you’re not a pro at making kites, you can always go for the one that’s made with a plastic bag and a string. With a little wind, it will easily start flying, and the kids will run around, following its path. Their giggles will make your day!

  1. Make a Scarecrow 

Initially used for crops, scarecrows have now paved their way into the gardens. In case your plants are endangered by different birds, building a scarecrow might keep them away. Make sure to keep the building process interested, by involving the kids, and telling them about its importance. Try to experiment with different clothes and other fun materials. It’ll frighten the unwanted critters and also add some festive decor to your garden. 

  1. Grow New Fruits and Vegetables

Growing new fruits and vegetables in a garden is the most productive and fun activity. To do that, search for some new fruits and vegetables that can be a nice addition to the garden. Learn about their ideal growing conditions, and make space for them.

All the family members can indulge in this interesting activity, and end the day by picking some already-grown fruits and vegetables, incorporating them into your meals, and getting the required nutrition from homegrown harvests! 

  1. Follow a Trail

Make a trail of some fun things, such as cuddly toys, brightly colored balls, or stacking cups in your garden and allow the little ones to follow it, and find all of them. It can also be a wildlife trail, including bugs and plants.

For adults, change this game a little and give them a list of several items that they must find in the garden and tick off, such as a red flower, or a specifically shaped leaf. You could also do this activity with books, and then have fun reading them together!

  1. Family Workout 

On a fine Sunday morning, ask your family members to stretch for a bit in the garden. If families can eat and gain some fat together, why not burn that fat together?! It will be a fun and healthy activity. You don’t have to do a hardcore workout, just follow some light exercises and jog, or skip a rope. If you’re feeling extra lazy, ride a bike and improve the blood circulation in your legs!     

  1. Host a BBQ Party

Decorate your garden a little and invite your friends for a BBQ party. Make sure to check the weather forecast and host the party on a nice breezy day. Laughing with your friends and over their stupidest jokes, while flipping the meat, might become one of your fondest memories. However, to enjoy the perfectly cooked meat, you can make use of multi-fuel stoves. If you’re not so sure about this purchase, read more about some pros and cons of multi-fuel stoves

To give your party an exciting twist, try to

  • Arrange a small space for karaoke as an after-party event, and have fun singing your hearts out.
  • Order some ice-cold drinks, cheers to the good old days, and if possible, spend the night in the garden, under the starry sky.
  1. Play Games 

If you want to make the most out of the good weather without leaving the home, check out these fun games to play in the garden.

  • Giant Jenga – This game will keep everyone on their toes, wondering who’ll be the unlucky player, with a crumbling tower. Practice steadiness and calm your attitude, before setting into this game.
  • Freeze Dance- It will fill up your garden with never-ending giggles. When a person suddenly stops playing the song, everyone has to stop in whatever position they were dancing. That person then tries to make everyone laugh, with his/her funny actions. 
  • Water Wars – Fill your water guns up and start splashing! Without any specific rules, this game just revolves around people throwing water on each other, getting wet, and having the time of their lives! 
  1. Plan a Movie Night 

If you’re looking for some fun garden activities for the family, planning a movie night in your garden might do the trick. Making it a memorable experience, make use of the outdoor projector. Decorate your garden and et the vibe with a lot of magical lighting ideas, such as multi-colored festoon lights. For the cinema feel, try to keep the garden as dark as possible. After that, snuggle up with your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and you’re good to go!

  1. Go Camping

If you’ve been wanting to go camping for a long time and can’t seem to find the right time, open your own back door! Turning your garden into your personal campsite is more fun and an easy way to experience the outdoor feeling. Take out your camping tent from the garage, set it up, and go camping!  Place a little stove, cook for yourself, read some books, stare at the magical starry sky, and enjoy every second of your much-deserved break! 

  1. Paint the Walls 

For a creative and fun day in your garden, paint its walls with bright and vibrant colors. Even if you’ve never done this before, try encouraging the family members to take part in this fun activity. Everyone can pick their favorite color, and start painting. Try to create a gardening theme on the walls, by drawing flowers, leaves, and some bees, that’ll lighten up the space.

If there are some cracked walls, don’t cover them up with paint, but try to fix them in whichever way possible. Prioritize your safety and learn about the dangers of cracks in walls

Spend Fun Times – Amidst the Greens

Gardens are mostly green and that’s enough reason to spend more time there. Being around the plants is beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. Additionally, it’s a place that holds a piece of your memories. Now and then, plan some fun garden activities for your family and friends, and try to make the most out of this serene place in your home!

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