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Atelier Playing Cards

Do you really need minimal playing cards? Well, next time your friend hits his straight...

Nova Obiecta Triangulation

Nova Obiecta is creating contemporary aluminum furniture/art objects - made by hand in France....
Comic Neue

Comic Neue

Relax! We all know about designer's distaste of Comic Sans - the world’s most misused typeface... We really like the...
Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths And A Lie

Incredible storytelling approach that's going to mess with your head. Confessions like: When I hold a kitchen knife...

Donhou 100mph Bike

The 100mph Bike is a streamlined exercise in simplicity and focuses on the utilitarian essentials...

Images by Ben Zank

Ben Zank  hails from New York and began taking photographs at the age of 18,...

A New Car UI

As automotive companies embrace the technological revolution they, in turn, phase out the more traditional controls in...

Ostecx Créative

Ostecx Créative is a design company from Poland with a taste for minimalism which is clearly...

Star Wars Icons

Jory Raphael first designed these awesome Star Wars icons as part of an icon-a-day project but,...

Nychuk Design

Josh Nychuk designed this range of business stationery as a means of self-promotion. Featuring...

One Crystal Chandelier

Thomas Feichtner reduced his pendant lamp - the One Crystal Chandelier - to the bare essentials;...

Sandwich Prints

Designer David Schwen created these very simple ode-to-sandwich prints to be used as 

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