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  • danh-hien-jewelers-identity01


    Danh Hien Jewelers

    Danh Hien Jewelers is a Vietnamese jeweler specializing in handmade diamond jewelry. Bratus was tasked to develop a new logo and brand identity to balance out the...

  • most_01



    The Mostaqar it is a company specialized in real estate development, which acquire new land for construction of houses, buildings and some palaces. The company...

  • maison_01


    Maison Art Gourmet

    The Maison Art Gourmet, operates in the fine candies market, but brings with it a new proposal, which is intended to not only make candy,...

  • Henrybuilt-Chair-2-a


    Henrybuilt Desk and Chair

    Known for its award-winning kitchen system, which unites furniture level craft with high-function and impeccable design, Henrybuilt is expanding its furniture division with the introduction...

  • kickstarterapp01

    Apps & Software

    Kickstarter’s Redesigned iOS App

    Kickstarter released a new iOS app and it's a major overhaul. While certainly looking fresh and in tune with all the things which design-centric blogs...

  • ebike00


    Are E-Bikes The Best Alternative Transportation for 2015?

    While the electric bike dates back to 1895 when Ogden Bolton Jr. was granted the very first U.S. patent for an electric bicycle, their latest...

  • starwars-helvetica-01


    Star Wars in Helvetica

    Helvetica isn’t the first typeface that comes to mind when you think about Star Wars, right? But did you know that the original Star Wars...

  • egloo01

    Home & Office

    Heat Your Room With Candles

    Egloo is a candle-powered solution for heating your room, taking advantage of features of terracotta. It stores the heat and slowly and gradually releases it by radiation, even after...

  • obscuramagazine01


    Obscura Magazine

    Hong Kong-based Obscura Magazine released their The 2014 Autumn & Winter edition. The main features are the two cities Hong Kong and Berlin. From a stroll through the two historically rich and...

  • ferrowatch01


    Ferro Watch

    Ferro is a watch inspired by sports car tachometers. A superior minimalist watch of original and unexpected design, with Automatic or Swiss Quartz movements. A perfect...