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    TimberHarmony Dock Lamp

    Where do you put your everyday carry when you come home? Do the keys land on the kitchen table? Your ring and necklace in the...

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    Atelier Playing Cards

    Do you really need minimal playing cards? Well, next time your friend hits his straight on the river, you can’t be too sad if you’re...

  • triangulation01


    Nova Obiecta Triangulation

    Nova Obiecta is creating contemporary aluminum furniture/art objects – made by hand in France. Their first collection is called Triangulation for the obvious reasons. Contrary to the common...

  • Comic Neue


    Comic Neue

    Relax! We all know about designer’s distaste of Comic Sans – the world’s most misused typeface… We really like the following idea though. Take on this horrible typeface...

  • Two Truths And A Lie


    Two Truths And A Lie

    Incredible storytelling approach that’s going to mess with your head. Confessions like: When I hold a kitchen knife sometimes I imagine what it would be...

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    Donhou 100mph Bike

    The 100mph Bike is a streamlined exercise in simplicity and focuses on the utilitarian essentials for the bike’s single purpose – to go as fast...

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    Images by Ben Zank

    Ben Zank  hails from New York and began taking photographs at the age of 18, exploring a sort of unreality where the world is abstracted...

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    A New Car UI

    As automotive companies embrace the technological revolution they, in turn, phase out the more traditional controls in favour of touchscreen interfaces. This, however, presents a...

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    Ostecx Créative

    Ostecx Créative is a design company from Poland with a taste for minimalism which is clearly expressed in their business cards, brochures, and stationery. Muted tones,...

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    Star Wars Icons

    Jory Raphael first designed these awesome Star Wars icons as part of an icon-a-day project but, following popularity and demand, repackaged them into a download-all-in-one link…...