Artifox Desk 02

Artifox are back with a new desk, as well as a floating wall shelf. We love their minimalist designs, but their desks also pack in lots of possibilities to create the optimal workspace. There’s a built-in dock that not…

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NOOK Twin Bed

Twin beds in our childhood and teenage years were usually pretty boring, but this is about to change with the help of designer Carlos Tiscar. we can say goodbye to those basic single beds forever. NOOK takes the twin…

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Color Wheel Blanket

Whether you’re a print or digital designer, or simply a casual color appreciator, the Color Wheel Blanket brings a pop of color wherever it lands. Draped over your couch, chair, or baby crib, or used…

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Ikea Sladda Bicycle

IKEA is at it again and bringing you another unexpected product to aid in your everyday life. This time they release a bicycle called SLADDA. Like the rest of IKEA’s offerings, it’s low-maintenance and adaptable to your various needs. They’ve also created…

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IKEA Homepage Redesign

  Finally someone took on the challenge to rethink IKEA’s user experience and make it more intuitive and more meaningful for young consumers. It’s a concept, so it’s not proven to work better, but I feel the…

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Whistler A-Frame Cabin

If I say cabin in the forests – what picture do you have in mind? Surely not something like the A-Frame cabin located in Whistler, right? We like this a lot, so big props to the architects Scott and…

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Wooden Rings

Vancouver-based Secret Wood lets you carry a miniature world on your finger with their handcrafted wooden rings.  

Du Tour Residence

The Du Tour Residence is a project led by Architecture Open Form who renovated it for a family who had owned the 1960s home for decades. The house needed a more modern interior but it was important to the…

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Formerly Yes

Formerly Yes is a minimalist retail space located in Los Angeles, California, designed by Brad & Jenna Holdgrafer, who also own the company. The initial space was already gutted, giving the designers the opportunity to create a unique and…

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Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea is a private residence in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico that was designed as a collaboration between Gilberto L. Rodríguez, of GLR Arquitectos, and Alberto Campo Baeza, of Estudio Campo Baeza.