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  • joeyroth-poster01


    Joey Roth Posters

    Joey Roth is back with another poster, this time he visualises the two states of being Well-Rounded and Obsessed. SThe poster comes in 11″x17″, with...

  • acronym00



    ACRONYM clothing produce high-quality gear and wearables in neutral colors with clean lines and unique features seems to be the seasonal aesthetic. While the style of...

  • leica-t01


    Leica T-System

    Leica Camera has just released a new, extremely pared down camera model, the T-System. A touch screen on the rear replaces most buttons and the...

  • literary01


    Literary Posters That Turn Famous Authors’ Words Into Art

    Obvious State’s Evan Robertson is back with a new series of minimalist posters. “If you’ve ever underlined a sentence in a book, or highlighted a passage on...

  • aatrial01


    Aatrial House

    The Aatrial House close to Opole (Poland) is hands down one of my favourite minimalist houses! It sits near a forest and in order to not...

  • thrivesolo0



    Solo is Thrive’s stunning online business and project management software. I’ve first used it a few years back, mostly because it just so beautiful to look...

  • watershed01


    The Watershed

    When professor and nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore decided she needed a studio to write and observe the delicate wetland ecosystem on the banks of...

  • ceramic_speakers_joey_roth_detail0


    Ceramic Speakers

    Simple materials: The Ceramic Speakers are made from porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch. Each material is minimally finished, left to add its natural beauty to the...

  • duffymk01

    Home & Office

    MK1 Metal Coffee Table

    Duffy London is really good at giving everyday furniture essentials fun, design-savvy flair. This continues with their new series of folding tables. What may come off...

  • lombok01


    Lombok Typeface

    A very interesting realization of a typeface and his specimen by Alexandre Pietra out of Montreux, Switzerland. He subsequently created a logo for an electronic festival...