Power Planters

Check out these Power Planters by Chen Chen & Kai Williams which have their own saucers integrated into the design, which makes them excellent options for holding your green, leafy friends, as they’ll catch extra water and dirt…

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LED Candlelight

Can a small matrix of warm temperature LEDs be programmed to dance and flicker like a small candle light flame? It’s enough to fool the eye into believing there’s a real flame inside Mori London’s pair of…

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Minimalist Home Design Ideas for Parents

A minimalist home is perfect for millennials. The notion of creating a space free from the clutter of our parent’s generation is very appealing. Minimalist décor suits airy apartment living and modern, architecturally edgy homes….

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UN.IT by M3 Architects

M3 Architects – a young team based in Ukraine – just finished working on a minimal office project called UN.IT. Besides its slick look, the cool thing is that the concept involves independent modules with their own infrastructure. What you see…

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Kiev Apartment

This apartment in the center of Kiev was designed by MARTIN architects. We love the open layout and the bedroom partitioned off  with framed glass!

The Benefits of Solar Power

Powering a home by means of solar energy is rising in popularity and set to become standard over the coming decades. If you are wondering why solar energy is good, then it’s firstly vital that…

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10 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Many people have well-designed and decorated indoors, but boring outdoors. Some go for years without changing any item in their backyard. If you host all your guests indoors, it is possible that you do not…

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