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  • chart-topping-songs-000


    Chart Topping Songs Posterised

    In this excellent poster, Flowing Data statistician and visualiser Nathan Yau is charting the top Billboard’s top 100 songs from 1958 until 2014, and converting...

  • superlooper-00


    Super Looper

    Super Looper is a cool and fun music making app. Shaped by the sounds of the ‘80s, it brings retro electronic music composition to the...

  • raskl-kaori-00

    Home & Office

    Kaori Clothes Rail

    Fresh from the London Design Festival, here’s the Kaori clothes rail. Part of Raskl‘s Minimalist Monochrome collection, which also includes a set of kitchen servers...

  • enfold00


    Enfold – WordPress Theme of the Month

    In the past months and years, I have build a long list of WordPress sites. It’s the CMS of choice for most companies these days...

  • Weather Dial App


    Weather Dial 2

    2 years older, 2 years wiser. Still rooted in Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of design, Weather Dial 2 is an even truer manifestation of our...

  • g-pack-00



    With the gaming console market growing by leaps and bounds, here’s London based startup Piixl that is designing a minimalist living room gaming machine called...

  • nihon00


    Nihon Typeface

    The Nihon type family builds the bridge between the western and the eastern typography and allows you to write and read in latin letters with...

  • 00

    Home & Office

    Organizing With Style

    San Francisco based studio Kate Koeppel Design created a durable and stylish solution to organize and display your record collection and complement the high fidelity experience of...

  • yohann03

    Home & Office

    YOHANN iPad Stand

    YOHANN arrives to add the final touch to the already beautiful Apple-product. It’s an iPad stand that represents product design of the highest level: As your daily...

  • essentialism


    Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

    Greg McKeown saw first-hand how success can lead straight to professional and personal failure, during his career evaluating and coaching Silicon Valley executives. The heart...