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  • ambio01

    Home & Office

    This Lamp Glows With Octopus Bacteria

    Bioluminescent waves are one of nature’s most extraordinary sights. Oxygen mixes with water, compounds inside aquatic bacteria begin to glow, and the ocean ignites with an...

  • odin00

    Home & Office

    The Odin

    Seattle-based designer  Michelle Moy loves dogs but grew tired of watching her dog, Odin, chew through and discard toy after toy. What seems natural these days, she took...

  • postitplus

    Apps & Software

    Post-it Plus

    Computers and Post-its have always had a weird synergy. Even Apple’s operating system has virtual Post-its built-in. Post-it’s latest iPhone app, Post-it Plus, is about...

  • spira-iphone-charger

    Home & Office

    Inductive iPhone Charger

    Interactive designer Alice Robbiani created a beautiful sculptural charger that turns an iPhone into a magnetic objet d’art. Spira uses inductive charging, which works a little...

  • squash-identity


    It’s a Logo?!

    This bunch of squiggly lines is the new logo of the Melbourn Squash Club. It looks like a little kid had a fun time with a black pen and a...

  • filmtheblanks00


    Film The Blanks

    Can you recognize the Jurassic Park poster without a dinosaur? Film the Blanks is an experiment by designer John Taylor that abstracts famous film posters...

  • ostrich-pillow-mini


    Ostrich Pillow Mini

    The Ostrich Pillow may let you sleep anywhere, but the previous versions might make you look stupid or just a bit odd. The third version –...

  • amilliontimes01


    A Million Times

    A Million Times is a project created by 32-year-old Swedish designers Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff. It’s a collection of 288 analog and monochrome clocks, networked together...

  • zest00

    Home & Office


    Standing desks are all the rage, but mostly they are expensive and not very portable. Meet ZestDesk – the world’s first portable adjustable standing desk....

  • standardsmanual00


    The Standards Manual

    If you found yourself in the New York City subway in the 1960s, you were probably lost. Signs didn’t help you find your way, standards...