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Thanks for downloading the Simply Delicious WordPress Theme!

We just just released the premium version of this theme titled ‘Deliciously Simple‘ which has way more features like threaded comments, widgets, multi-level drop down menus, WP3 Menus editable in dashboard, 2 color schemes, search function and includes support.

NB! 5 Things Before you start!

1. ThemeCobra

We have named our theme company, ThemeCobra! So all documentation and links will refer to that name and support details. The ThemeCobra website is launching along with our third theme:)

2. Support

There is no support for the free theme. If you purchase the premium version of this theme titled ‘Deliciously Simple’ for only $9, you have unlimited support.

3 Featured Images

This theme heavily utilizes 640px wide images, make sure your site is in maintenance mode while you setup your posts. Each post has a featured image at the top of page, above the post title. This same featured image is automatically resized for the thumbs in the archives. So once you’ve setup your theme options, you need to set a big featured image (640px wide) for every post in your site.

4. Browser Compatibility:

  • IE6 works, but it’s a bit shaky
  • All other browsers work and look sweet

5. Copyright

Send this theme to as many pals as you want!


  1. Upload the theme in the /wp-content/themes’ folder and activate it… duh!
  2. Go to Dashboard > Menu > Media and set the Large Image Size to 640px and save changes
  3. Go to Dashboard > Menu > Appearance > Options and go through it all and hit save. Your site should now look normal.
  4. Now, the the only tedious part, you need to set a featured image for every post in your blog:

Simply upload a new image, minimum 640px wide, and hit “Use as featured image”:

And that’s it…


v1.3 – 14/06/2012 – Stylesheet improvements, footer flickr bug fix
v1.2 – 17/09/2011 – CSS fixes, footer fixes, removed edit link in footer
v1.1 – 08/06/2011 – Fixed image alignment issues (ie. aligncenter class)
v1.0 – 02/05/2011 – Simply Delicious free theme launched


Demo Images: Wallbase
Archive pagination: Boutros AbiChedid
Epic Footer Icons: WPZOOM
Heading and Logo font: Droid Serif Google Font

Maximum respect to these guys!


How do I custom edit the color scheme?

First select which scheme you think is closest to your preference (dark or light) via the theme options. Then edit styles.css and the relevant css file in the /styles folder.

I don’t want comments on posts?

Remove this from line 55 in single.php: <?php comments_template(); ?>

The “About” page does not match the link to it in the theme?

You need to set your permalinks, make sure they are set to something like /%postname%
More info here:
Then you edit the about page in “Dashboard > Pages” section and this page should be renamed to “about” in the permalink (page slug) part.

Question not answers?

Unfortunately no support is offered with the free theme, upgrade to the premium version for only $9 and our support slaves are all yours:)

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