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The list of the best Swiss Watch brands couldn’t be complete without a Rolex, and it’s no surprise that our next stop is Lake Geneva. More precisely: a quiet suburb in Geneva’s business and watch metropolis. A presentation about the Rolex is not really necessary, but we have included a brief look at what it means to be just and complete.

Rolex’s strength lies in both its recognition value and its brand history, where not only its inventions but its smart marketing and PR have played a vital role in its success. After all, a watch can only be as good as it is designed. The Rolex doesn’t focus on the creation of extremely sophisticated watch movements, but instead focuses on creating precise, robust, and fitness-friendly everyday wear and sport watches. It puts credibility and quality at the forefront, which remains unmatched today.

Built to the highest standard of quality, Rolex’s automated movements are generally not in high demand and move their business seamlessly for decades. Its more than a dozen models are included in the Watch Hall of Fame for genocide and are always focused on producing accurate and extremely robust watches with long lasting features. If it’s up to rolex daytona, then everything else is secondary.


On calm days, when the sun is high enough in the sky before slowly descending west of the Jura Mountain, it gets really hot at Le Santiئرre. The nearby town of Le Bryce is located a thousand meters above sea level and is so high that cooling the mountain does not reduce the temperature of the sun. Le Saintier Swiss Watch Brand: The hometown of the traditional Swiss watch brand based on tradition.

It takes one of our top destinations as it is probably the most advanced of all Swiss watch manufacturers. Hardly any other company can offer so many patents, many inventions of the movement, or specialize as much as Jaeger was looking for in a Liquidator. Even Patek Philippe and Vichyron Konstantin have relied on his movements.

In a nutshell: Jaeger-Lecoultree is a producer with heart and soul, constantly seeking perfection in a permanent and never-ending process. Its design can sometimes be more in the simplest aspect compared to other prominent brands. However, one exception to this is the richly detailed classic reverso in the Art Deco style.


After a short half-hour journey, we have reached the next destination on our list. Where time appears to collide a little more slowly than everywhere: like a mechanical clock before coming to a complete stop. We are talking about Valle de Joux, known as the Clock Valley and the rural counterpart of Germany’s Glascht.

In almost two decades, the small village of La Brosse will celebrate Blancpain’s 300-year anniversary: ​​the world’s oldest active watch maker. It is noteworthy that to date, a quartz watch has never passed through its front door, but only models that have mechanical movement. This commitment to mechanical timepieces was born out of a passion for luxury watches.

Even during the height of the quartz crisis, Blancpain put its stake in purely mechanical-based production, while other manufacturers moved toward quartz-based watches. This durability eventually presented some difficulties during the time where battery utilities conquered gear train and lever avoidance theorems.

Today, Jean-Claude Beaver, CEO of Tag Heuer, was ultimately responsible for breathing fresh life into the traditional life of the Swiss watch company and returning it to its path of success in the 1990s. Today, Blancpain is one of the industry’s largest production players, with models such as Fifty Fathom as well as Valeriet. 

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