Top Trends Design in Online Casino Gaming

When we talk of casino design most people think of the windowless, dark Vegas casinos that have low ceilings, no clocks, mazes of corridors that are confusing and lots of flashing lights. But how does it work for online casinos? How do iGaming companies attract and retain their players through casino design?

We are discussing the top casino designs with Hungarian iGaming expert Szilvia Sultés. Szilvia is a public relations specialist and you can read more about her here.

Designs to please certain demographics

Some casinos concentrate on certain genders, ages or people with a certain interest and make their casino designs accordingly. Often an iGaming company will have sister casinos so one can concentrate on men and the other one on women.

Men, in general, prefer a simple design, dark colours and action-packed themes while women like more feminine colours and themes around fashion, socializing or wellbeing. 

Gambling sites that concentrate on sports betting often use green colour as the main colour on their website. For example, Bet365 casino which is nowadays a full-service gambling site, accepting Hungarian players, started off with sports betting only and kept the green theme. 

Tippmix, the official bookmaker in Hungary is also using green as their main colour in both their offline and online settings. 

Easy to understand design

A good gambling site is easy to navigate. It should not confuse players and they should be able to find what they are looking for easily. If it is hard to find certain games or events to bet on the players will escape from the page and try another casino. 

Similarly, studies have shown that most people are annoyed with too many popping up windows with advertisements and flashing lights that can irritate the eyes. 

Lately, casinos (and various other websites and apps) have been offering the option to change the appearance of the page. Some people prefer a dark background, while others like the colourful ones. 

Casino graphics

Casino graphics have come a long way from the simple fruit images of slot games. Game designers invest a lot of time and money into designing immersive games that apply advanced graphics. 

Some casino games are going in the direction of video games appearance-wise. The graphics are incredible and so are the sounds which transport the player into an imaginary world. 

3D slot machines are among the newest trends. When the reels appear in 3 dimensions the game becomes much more interesting than the simple flat design games. 

Live trend designs

The popularity of live-dealer games is increasing. Playing with a live dealer online is the best of both worlds. You don’t need to dress up as nobody will see you but you are playing alongside other people with an attractive male or female live dealer in a real casino setting. 

Game developers such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming provide these games through a real-time video connection and through the chat window you can interact with other players and the dealer and you can place your bets with the click of the mouse or by tapping the screen. Games like roulette, Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack and baccarat are all available in live dealer versions in many casinos. 

VR gaming trends

Another big hit in both video gaming and gambling is virtual reality. Some casinos offer VR games but the punter will have to own the rather expensive goggles so this trend will take a while to take off on a large scale. When wearing VR headsets you will feel like you are walking around in a brick-and-mortar casino. The dealers are avatars and the games are computer-generated. VR gambling is a very immersive experience and when the prices of VR goggles start to become affordable, we are expecting to see more and more of it. 


To keep the games interesting casinos are using the latest technologies in their game and casino designs. A simple to navigate website, advanced graphics, the availability of live dealer games and the implementation of virtual reality seem to be the main shapers of the industry. 

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