The Micro 3D Printer

UPDATE: After their massive Kickstarter campaign with $3,401,361 pledged the The Micro 3D, the first truly consumer 3D printer, is finally available!

You can get from here.

Incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design, the Micro aims to be the most affordable 3D printer that can be used right out of the box. Plug in the printer, download or create models, hit print, and watch your custom creations form right before your eyes.


I don’t want to bore you with all the technical mumbo jumbo – just check out their Kickstarter video and you’ll get the best idea on how cool this thing is:

What’s amazing about the Micro 3D Printer is that it wants to cut into the market not just with a competitive price point. It really seems to be space-efficient, light weight, quiet and boost the lowest power consumption in the 3D printer category. Oh, don’t forget you’ll get it in a variety of bold colors! 


For alternative options to the Micro 3D Printer, read this best 3d printer for miniatures guide which features comprehensive reviews of five great 3D printer choices!

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